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1 Week With The Galaxy S7 Edge | Review

what's up guys it's ad from tech source and I'm back again with another video today we're gonna be reviewing the galaxy s7 edge and I've been using this device as my daily driver for about a week now and I feel confident in my impressions of this phone so here's my review let's start off with the physical aspect it's definitely an upgrade over the galaxy s6 edge in terms of feel the edges are rounded which contributes to a more elegant feel in your hand with that being said I do prefer how the galaxy s7 feels with its straight sides it's just more of a familiar grip and less prone to slipping the phone like previous Samsung models is made from metal and glass it feels great when holding it in the hand but this thing is a fingerprint magnet that combined with it being slippery as ever prompted me to slap a skin on it and I'll drop a link below if any of you guys are interested in checking out the brand's which is where I got this from but one Hardware change that I'm really excited about is Samsung's decision to waterproof the phone I mean it's great I've used this phone in the pool and the rain and well even in my shower a few times that I have to say I'm loving the ip68 certification what's crazy is that they did all this without having to increase the device's dimension or use any port covers which is awesome the phone will automatically alert you if the USB port for example is wet and won't allow any charging speaking about the microUSB port one flaw I could see a samsung's decision not to move to USB see I personally think it would have pushed the industry forward if samsung went with the USB C connection more companies would board the same ship but I guess there's always next year some more hardware changes are the reintroduction of the microSD card slot 12 megapixel camera sensor and the removal of the IR blaster from the past phones oh and obviously the upgraded specs samsung decided to go back to qualcomm for the cpus well at least for the models shipping to the States countries abroad will be receiving a model with an X enos chipset instead but what I have is the Qualcomm SOC model performance is fast and snappy as is pretty much every other newly released Android phone if you guys want to see more performance tests like benchmark speed test or even gaming you should go follow my cousin Bob from Tech it out because he will be covering those on his channel I'll drop a link to it down below another hardware upgrade is the addition of another gigabyte of RAM bringing the total to 4 well 3.5 according to I 264 which is a system information app from the Play Store but as some of us know Samsung phones are notorious for eating up any and all free RAM so how does this phone manage it well it's nothing to write home about I definitely see improvements in RAM management but it's of course nowhere near stock Android with a fresh restart the phone is only showing around 2 gigabytes of usable RAM space which sounds horrible but you don't feel like your phone is running low on available memory you can multitask like a champ and at no point in time using this phone that I think to myself that this phone feels sluggish that brings me to the battery performance I don't know if this is a problem with my model or if Samsung needs to push out an update to address this issue but my experience with the battery has been anything but good using the phone regularly I would get an hour and a half of on screen time and already be at 35% also I'll go to sleep with this phone with a full charge and wake up with it at 70% this is a serious problem but others have reported different findings so I'm sure that I got a defective unit but in any case it's something worth mentioning in the review the 1440p 5.5 inch AMOLED display is as always stunning the viewing angles contrast and blacks are really great to look at the one thing I did notice is a light color shift when looking at the curved edges but it's nothing really noticeable when looking at anything other than white the speakers on this phone however really take away from the multimedia viewing experience it sounds 10-year and doesn't get as loud as last years probably because of the waterproofing but still it sucks one thing I'm really excited about is the camera and for my testing so far it offers sharper vibrant pictures and video during the day and also does phenomenal in low-light something that performed better than what I expected was the autofocus it's super fast to lock onto subjects and the camera on this phone beats any other mobile sensor on the right now but that's just my opinion and the last aspect of this phone I want to talk about is TouchWiz you either hate it or you love it I personally find it atrocious I mean it's been greatly improved over the years but it's still bloated as hell it offers great functionality overstock OSS but at a cost of system resources but what's great is you can apply themes which you can find from Samsung or heck its Android I'm sure there's a ton of third-party launchers you can use the touch of fire phone in terms of visual experience you have to kind of use it to see where you stand with it but it is what it is and I feel it's tolerable but personally I prefer stock Android like millions of others the edge is what makes this film different from a lot of the other devices and its functionality has been improved in my opinion but I feel for the moment it lacks anything compelling you can have pinned contacts check out the news set direct actions to some system apps and a few other things as of now however Samsung has opened the API to developers and hopefully soon we'll get some interesting and new features from both existing apps and new edged inspired concepts this brings me to my conclusion I personally don't see any usefulness of the edge it's more of a gimmick in my eyes like horse touch was on the iPhone it's nice to have but lacks any real functionality I think the s7 edge is a better choice over the s7 only if you're looking for a larger display and longer battery life despite what you've seen in this video but that will do it for my review of the s7 edge as always if you guys enjoyed the video make sure to leave a like and also stay tuned for my galaxy s7 review which will drop in about a month or so thanks again for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one
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