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10 Reasons NOT To Buy Galaxy Note 5

so the galaxy note5 is finally here and appears to be one of the best smartphones so far for 2015 Samsung has greatly improved their design from last year's cheap plastic build for the galaxy lineup but no phone is perfect which is why I'm here to give you ten reasons why you should hold off on buying the Galaxy Note 5 before all the dislikes start pouring in I want to quickly say that these are all my opinions and you guys might not agree with them so with that said let's go ahead and start the video all right so I'm gonna start off with the obvious reasons with number one being that the note 5 does not come with a micro SD card slot I'm sure there were a lot of people upset when they found out that the phone does not come with an expansion slot unfortunately you can't expand this memory which means that you are stuck with the 32 gigabyte model or you can pay more for either these 64 or even the 128 gigabyte versions reason number 2 is the removable battery feature unfortunately users can no longer remove the backplate and swap in a new battery whenever they want instead Samsung has added a quick Wireless charge feature which juices up the smartphone faster than standard wireless charging another missing feature is the IR blaster you no longer can use your smart phone to control devices like your TV or basically anything else with a built-in infrared blaster lots of people that use this feature daily will definitely be upset but there are plenty of other smart phones that have an infrared blaster like the HTC One m9 LG g4 galaxy s6 and the s6 edge not only is the phone a major fingerprint magnet but the glass can also get easily scratched just from normal use in fact that managed to get a few minor scratches on the back already just from moving it in and out of my pocket instead of adding a case on the phone there is an easy fix to this without adding any Bowl to the smart phone an awesome skin from the brands will not only protect it from scratches but it will also solve the fingerprint problems but I'll go in and leave a link down below on where you guys can get some for anyone that's interested Ouiser number five is the speakers I mean it's 2015 and Samsung has yet to implement front-facing speakers normally a lot of people don't care about having speakers on the side but for me it's actually a big deal when I'm watching videos or movies I hold my smartphone up with both of my hands and that gets in the way of the speaker grills which ends up distorting the sound I'm basically forced to either use earphones or watch it on my PC besides the inconvenience the experience you get from fun facing speakers is noticeably better number six has to do with the capacitive buttons I was never a fan of the on screen buttons unless they are actually on the display itself the note 5 has them located on the bottom next to the home button which is not only inconvenient to reach but are really sensitive as well since the phone has a large screen I naturally have my hand at the center for a good grip well because the buttons are located all the way on the bottom it kind of defeats the purpose of using it one-handed if the capacitive buttons were located on the actual screen then it would have been a lot more convenient another issue I had to deal with is the sensitivity I find my self consistently touching the buttons by accident and it becomes extremely frustrating at times this leads me to number 7 the phone size I personally think that five point seven inches is way too big a five or even a five point one inch display is the sweet spot for a lot of people and I would have even been fine with a 5.5 inch display I get that this is the note series but this is borderline of it becoming a small tablet this makes it unusable with one hand and if you're thinking about adding a case to it then it'll be that much more difficult carrying it around in your pockets reason number eight is TouchWiz we all love to hate Samsung's skin on their smartphones even though it dramatically improved from last year I still hate the look of it and the features it offers I know you can download and install launchers that will change most of the appearance but in the end it's still TouchWiz for example why doesn't TouchWiz offer a search option for apps what if I have a bunch of apps and I want to quickly search for one and open it up instead of digging through folders you would think something so simple would have already been implemented I'm not a simple feature that's missing from TouchWiz is the quick scroll to the top while browsing I mean really Samsung why can't I just tap on the top of the screen like I do on my iPhone and have it quick scroll to the top I mean I can go on and give a lot more examples but for the sake of the video I'm just gonna stop there reason number 9 is that the phone is in waterproof and this is more of a personal preference but I do like to go out swimming during hot days and having a waterproof phone really adds to the fun with my z3 I'm able to film underwater or even listen to music right next to the pool without worrying about getting water on to damage the phone I can't do that with the note 5 the last and final reason is the lack of a vibrate switch this is something I use every single day and it really becomes annoying having to turn the phone on just to switch it all the way down to vibrate I mean you can't even switch it to vibrate while the phone is off which I would have settled for anyways that's up for the video if you guys haven't disliked the video yet go ahead and do it right now since I went ahead and reminded you but if you guys did enjoy the video let me know by leaving a like also if there's a reason I did not mention in the video about things that you don't like about the note 5 then let me know by dropping a comment down below but that's basically it thank you so much for watching as always and I'll see you guys in the next video
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