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$1000 Gaming PC | Dual RX 480 (August)

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to the PC bill for the month of August this is red twin a one thousand dollar gaming and editing PC rockin the FX a 370 and two Rx for ATS and crossfire and by the way you guys can find all the parts used in this build linked below so I did go with the FX 83-70 that comes with AMD's new Wraith cooler and man does this cooler Rock not only is it much quieter than their previous version but it also does a better job at cooling I actually managed to overclock the CPU to 4.7 gigahertz at one point 46 volts while maintaining stable temps because of this I was able to save money on a CPU cooler and put that extra savings towards the other parts I did go with 16 gigs of ram from the a fixer core series that looks very nice with the overall black and red theme and stuck to only 480 gigabytes of SSD space from the Corsair force LS series the motherboard of choice was the MSI 970 gaming which is solid for overclocking that cost under ninety bucks it also goes well with the overall color scheme finally juicing up everything as the EVGA 650 watt fully modular power supply and everything is packed inside the corsair carbide 400 c case to keep it theme consistent i did pick up a few fans from the Corsair air series as well as two LED fans for the front in case you guys are wondering why the bottom fan isn't working that's because the motherboard didn't have enough fan headers i did order one a few days ago but i had to get this video done and couldn't wait for it to arrive i did add a few mods as well custom sleeve cables and fan girls from the guys at v1 tech overall this is a very powerful and great looking black and red build I'm actually very happy on how it turned out for rendering it didn't disappoint it's currently the fastest budget PC that I have built to date it managed to render out a 60 second raw 4k video file in just 5 minutes and 15 seconds beating out Ice Cube which was the $650 gaming PC I did for June similar results were found on a fire strike benchmark with red twin scoring 12,000 631 nearly doubling the score of Ice Cube alright so that's great for editing but how does it perform in gaming let's find out so there you have it ladies and gentlemen a very solid duel our X 480 build for both gaming and productivity as always if you guys enjoyed these monthly PC bills be sure to leave a like and make sure you subscribe to the channel because my next few builds are going to be good thank you guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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