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$1000 Titanium iPhone 7 Case | Advent Gold

what's up guys it's a from tech source and I am back again with another look at an expensive case from gray international now if you guys do recall it did a similar video on one of their cases early this year for the iPhone 6s well now I'm back again to check out their Advent putting new iPhone 7 this particular version is a gold limited edition with only 100 units being produced ever I happen to have unit number 61 as you can see from the engraving on the aerospace titanium yes that's the same titanium we use to send things into space it's two and half times stronger than stainless steel but at half the weight even the box itself is precision machined aerospace aluminum receiving this product is an experience in itself now before everyone starts reaching out to the dislike button you guys have to understand this product obviously isn't for everyone I mean let's face it how many people are willing to spend a thousand dollars on an iPhone case this is made for a very small group of people who value their case just as much as the phone it's protecting and of course with the price tag there most likely baldon as well to install the case we simply put on the rubber inserts it comes with then slide on the individual pieces one at a time I think there are several colors for the rubber grommets ranging from black to yellow and even red once both pieces are on the phone and they are pretty much secure and him isn't going to separate from the bumper thanks to the rubber grommets the rubber housing also serves as impact absorption against drops while also separating the phone from the case so there isn't any signal loss in the hand the advent feels great it's cold to the touch and very ergonomic thanks to its wide chamfers and flat sides I can still use the phone at one hand without any issues the cutouts on the sides are done well and do not interfere with the functionality of the phone whatsoever I can easily access the volume buttons and hit the vibrate switch with just one finger and also the power button is very easy to press so the bumpers stop right before the Lightning port which gives us an adequate amount of space for third-party accessories so if you guys have charging docks or third party cables then won't interfere with the case combine the Advent case with a deep brown skin and you'll be definitely turning some heads while also protecting your phone from scratches as you can see my case is one of a kind with the engravings both on the case and the box that read text source and I guess that's what this product is about then what the company is striving for basically to stand out from the rest it's a case that cost more than the phone so it serves a very small group of people but if you're a baller and are willing to spend a thousand dollars to stand out then the advent is what you're looking for so guys I will be giving away this exact bumper that you see in this video to one of my subscribers and all you have to do to enter is just leave a like on this video and also comments down below which D brand skin you will use with this case if you were to win thank you guys so much for watching unless the winner is on Twitter in about a week or so so make sure you follow me there and I will see you guys in the next video
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