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$1000 iPhone 6S Case - Advent

what you're looking at there is a $1,000 iPhone 6's case now before you guys start trolling and hating on the case mainly because of the price you have to understand that these types of cases are for a small group of individuals a case like this is crafted to perfection with premium materials what it lacks in protection it makes up for in the aesthetics Department no doubt even the unboxing experience itself is exhilarating the packaging box is precision machined and is made out of aerospace grade aluminum the case is called Advent and this is the mechanically textured addition which means that it is limited to only 100 units worldwide the case also comes with custom laser engraving which can be added to the packaging box and the case itself unlike most bumper cases this one is split into two pieces and requires no tools for installation each rail is paired with rubber housing which serves as shock absorbent between the bumper and the phone since the actual bumper doesn't come in contact with the phone you won't experience any signal us the rubber housing currently is available in black yellow and red but of course I had to go with the red option to match my color scheme installation is simple just attach the rubber housing of your choice to each rail and slide it on one at a time the friction between the rubber housing and the bumper keep the pieces together tightly that price tag Doe one thousand dollars for a case that's worth more than the phone itself is pretty crazy so what makes the bumper cost that much well if I didn't mention that before the case is made out of aerospace grade five titanium which is two and a half times stronger than stainless steel and only half its weight the rails also have chamfered edges which gives a case a luxurious and futuristic look and because of the flat sides you get a much better grip than before so the phone is much less prone to drops but let's be real for a second if you want a case like this in the first place you should be more worried about damaging the case than the actual phone the cutouts are also precise leaving enough room for the speaker grilles and third party accessories the cutouts on the sides are also done really well the case does not interfere with the functionality of the phone whatsoever I can easily access the volume buttons and even hit the vibrate switch with just one finger the power button is also really easy to press combined the exotic bumper case some dban skins and you have yourself a device that will surely turn heads if you're interested in checking out some skins for your devices I'll go and drop a link down below for you so yeah the case is obviously not for everyone but if you're a baller and have an iPhone 6 or success and are looking to separate yourself from the crowd the advant case is the one for you I'll leave a link down below if anyone is brave enough to check it out feel free to drop a like if you guys want to giveaway on this bad boy that comes with a free iphone success that you see in this video also make sure to follow me on Twitter for any updates as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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