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1,000,000 Subscriber Giveaway! iPhone 7 + Gaming PC & More!

what's up guys is that from Texas and I promised you guys a 1 million subscribers special giveaway so here it is finally thank you so much for being patient I know it's been a while but before we get into that I actually have some amazing news to share Texas is officially the first channel on the App nice to reach 50,000 subscribers which is crazy and because of that they are actually partnering with me to do this giveaway so I thought about nice a bunch of times before on the channel it's a great app that combines both watching videos and shopping from my channel and also other channels on YouTube as well basically are nice you can try out products for free as well as find deals on some of the products I talked about it has a very user friendly design where you can browse products in a feed you can even like them and save stuff to your wish list and buy what you want with a single click now here's the thing I'm doing two different giveaways one giveaway here on the channel just for you guys and also one more giveaway on the app itself that has ten prizes the one on YouTube is going to be one prize which is a $450 gaming PC worldwide this is global guys wherever you live I'll send this out to you but on the nice app I'm actually even way 10 prizes it consists of some CPUs some perhaps cards and then there's a bunch of keyboards mice and headset just a bunch of gaming gear but again if you guys want to participate on the nice app giveaway I'll drop a link to it down below click on the app download it it's free you guys don't have to pay for anything but if you guys are interested only on the YouTube giveaway then here's what you need to do all you have to do is comment down below and drop a like on this video just comments on your favorite food that's what the comments going to be I'm gonna pick one random person and the winners for both the giveaways are going to be announced on my Twitter account on the 12th of December so again to recap guys for my YouTube giveaway all you guys have to do is comment and like comment on what your favorite food is and also for the ten additional prizes you guys can actually participate in both giveaways there is no limit so for the nice giveaway there is a video on there where I talk about the requirements and instructions and the link to that is down below for the app click on it download the app watch the video on there very simple instructions on how to enter and maybe you guys can win a graphics card CPU or maybe some gaming gear but anyway that's all I wanted to say thank you guys so much for your support seriously 1 million subscribers we are going strong this channel is on fire and it's because of you guys so I love you guys seriously you're the best thank you good luck to ever enters again make sure you follow me on Twitter if you want to hear the announcements after the 12th of December thank you again I'll see you the next video
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