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15 Reasons NOT To Buy OnePlus 2

so I just got my hands on the oneplus two and I've been using it this past few weeks and I got a say for a phone claiming to be a flagship killer it's pretty disappointing as always these are my opinions and a lot of you will not agree with any or all of these so if you guys are looking to get the oneplus 2 then here are 15 reasons why you shouldn't I'm going to start off with the most obvious reasons with number one being the invite system you shouldn't have to wait in line to get an invite to buy the smartphone of your choice and if oneplus things this is a great idea for consumers they are sadly mistaken it's been over a year now since the original oneplus and they have enough funding to mass-produce a bunch of smartphones if I have to request an invite to purchase a phone that I want I'm going to go elsewhere reason number two is the overheating issue the Snapdragon 810 processor is notorious for getting extremely hot and we have seen that on the HTC One m9 this can be extremely annoying and bothersome to heavy gamers as the device will reach triple digits I played asphalt late which is a racing game for about 30 minutes and I had to put the phone down since the temperatures got pretty high battery life is another issue on the oneplus 2 it features a 3300 milliamp battery which seems like a lot but I'll only get you an average screen on time of around 6 hours which is extremely lower than our last year's model and most of the other flagships how can it be a flagship killer with a terrible battery life and number four we have the sight speakers and I always mention this in all my videos but having speakers on the side is really inconvenient for me when watching movies or videos as my hands come in contact with the grills and that ends up distorting the sound also not only do you not get stereo speakers but the quality is also really bad and it's just not loud enough I'm definitely not impressed with the sound quality and number five is the NFC capability oneplus claims to be future-proof yet the phone doesn't feature NFC really guys before you start the argument and say that you don't use NFC well I do it's great for pairing with other devices quickly making payments and transferring data you can't say that the phone is future-proof on one of the most popular features on any Android device is missing since we're talking about missing features the phone doesn't have a built-in IR blaster which means you can't control your TV or other devices with your phone it also doesn't have a microSD card slot talk about future proofing if you want more space and in your future you are pretty much Sol another thing it lacks is a removable battery now it has a removable back but it's only to access the dual SIM card tray I mean why not add a replaceable battery as well I just don't get it I'm personally rocking a D band skin since I don't like the grippy texture of the oneplus 2 but I'll go and drop a link down below for anyone that's interested in checking them out for themselves speaking of batteries it doesn't feature a wireless charging or fast charging now the wireless charging I can live without but not having quick charge 2.0 is extremely disappointing especially on a latest Android flagship device especially when you don't have great battery performance in the first place the tenth reason why you should consider before buying the oneplus 2 is that it's not water-resistant forget about taking your phone to water parks the beach or even the pool in your backyard now this is targeted to a very small group of individuals but it's a feature that I really enjoy having on my smartphone at number 11 we have the USB type-c connection I think this is what they meant when they were talking about future-proofing but I personally think it's way too soon to implement this not only do you have to use a completely different cable just for your oneplus 2 but it costs more than microUSB cable so if you do keep losing them it will definitely add up and cost and number 12 we have the screen resolution again going back to the future proof thing now I'm not asking for 4k resolution like the Xperia z5 premium but a 2k display for 2015 as the standard by now everything bad to say about the 1080p screen it's actually really great with amazing viewing angles and vibrant colors but it's nonetheless because it's not a future-proof resolution number 13 is the camera it's not the worst camera on the market but it has a super slow shutter speed I'm talking a good second before it snaps a pic on top of that you don't have manual controls so you have to rely on the auto mode to get amazing shots so that's something you should consider if you use the camera feature a lot on your phone number 14 is probably the biggest reason of them all the phone doesn't work on either Sprint or Verizon which is the biggest carrier in the United States so even if you want the phone it won't work on your network this is your future proof flagship smartphone guys and the final reason which should be considered is the case and accessory support oneplus is still a small company and there are a lot of case companies that don't make cases or accessories for the 1+2 so your options are very limited when it comes to protection or add-ons so that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it or agreed with my reasons feel free to hit that like button and if you didn't feel free to dislike the video and share your thoughts in the comment section down below it was pretty bold of oneplus 2 to title their phone the 2016 flagship killer when it's nothing more than a solid smartphone for the price there will be comparisons between this and the Moto X pure on the channel since both of them are considered to be one of the best budget phones for 2015 so make sure you guys are subscribed so you don't miss out anyways thanks again for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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