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$1500 Black/Blue Gaming PC | April 2017

are you the life of the party is hard to be one of your standards if so then this $2,000 PC might be what you need to take your flashy lifestyle to the next level all right guys this isn't just for show when overclocked 7600 K and 1070 this rig will pretty much eat up any game you throw at it enter max kindly send out a few of their products and we decided to go with a blue and black build since you guys keep bugging me about it so here it is finally the inner max case comes in blue LEDs with six modes quick-release panels for easy cleaning and an integrated fan controller if blue is not your style then don't fret because they do sell a bunch of different colors the 700 watt gold power supply also has two fans which is a first from what I've seen on the channel NMX claims that this two fan design which they call duo flow achieves lower fan RPMs when compared to single fan PSUs which should in theory also reduce noise another benefit of having two fans as the ability for the PSU to draw hot air out of the chassis with a knob on the back users have control over the fan speeds if you crank it up high the PSU will use the top fan to extract and push out hot air through the back the inner max VF pressure fans also set themselves apart from the market in that they are self-cleaning the FDF technology which stands for dust free so within 10 seconds they will rotate in the other direction and go to full speed blowing all the dust from the blades and prolonging the lifespan of the fan the blade can also be detached from the frame to be cleaned if you choose to the fans also have a switch that gives the user speed control Animax is really into this user control thing cooling the CPU is the Lee pineal illusion going with the RGB standard we of course have to find a cooler that would fit the bill it has 15 LED colors and several different lighting modes all controlled with the included remote on the a2 z170a motherboard we've got the sick g.skill tread and the RGB RAM sticks with a total memory of 16 gigs they do have a speed of 3600 megahertz and look absolutely stunning with those lighting effects for storage we've got a three terabyte Seagate drive and a 500 gigabyte Samsung SSD the little that said and done let's begin the benchmarks so the specie will be able to hand with high settings at a solid 60 FPS as we saw from the benchmarks there were a few things I wanted to note though about the chassis the cable management first of all isn't the easiest with the narrower than usual clearance and few zip tight spots to work with also if you're looking for a silent build I would definitely look for a different case as this one doesn't have sound dampening materials and I pretty much wraps up this PC build up drop a link to all the parts used as always down below thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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