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1800X + Dual RX 480 RYZEN PC | iBuyPower

what the guys at that from Texas and what you're looking at here is the first ever rise in PC on the channel the guys that I buy power centers over to me to look at and run some benchmarks it's rocking the AMD r7 1800 x8 core processor 16 gigs of ram and 2 msi RX for ATS and crossfire we also got the MSI X 370 XPower gaming titanium motherboard an h-60 CPU cooler from Corsair and an 800 watt power supply for storage it as a 240 gigabyte SSD from Kingston which is the main drive and an additional 2 terabyte hard drive and finally everything is packed inside the beautiful iBUYPOWER elements gaming tower that features a tempered glass side panel as well as a see-through front panel so the risin 7 X Pro which is what I buy power is calling this PC is aimed for gamers streamers and content creators as stated in my rights and benchmarks video the rising CPUs are excellent when it comes to multi-threaded applications and they currently provide the best bang for your buck in fact they have more balance to build for nearly half the cost that features these 1700 any single rx 480 which I'll drop a link down below for you guys if you want to check out so how much will rise in 7x pro cost you well it's priced at 2192 with this configuration but I wanted to find out if it's overpriced and if you can build one for a lot cheaper so I went over to PC par picker and put together a neo identical build that came out to almost $1,900 which puts the iBUYPOWER PC $300 over but not quite that $3.00 went into their standard three year warranty which protects the system and its parts against defects and materials or workmanship for three years labor and one-year parts you also get the exclusive element case which isn't available anywhere but most importantly you are paying for peace of mind you don't have to stress about building one or having a breakdown later down the line so in my opinion an extra two dollars to protect your expensive investment is totally worth it before we get into benchmarks there were a few gripes I had with the system the first being appearance I love the black and red color scheme with the white accents however the blue PC I connected is from the GPUs kind of stick out like a sore thumb I'm not necessarily expecting customs we've cables but if they stuck with the standard black connectors instead it would have looked a lot better the second gripe is that it didn't come equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter so you have to connect to the internet via ethernet or purchase an adapter separately and finally let's take a look at the gaming benchmarks now obviously most of these games play well over 60 fps and 1080p at high settings so I decided to change things up a bit and test them in 2k and 4k resolutions to see how well the 1800 X does along with the dual our X 480 the few games hit over 60fps and 4k settings while others struggled a bit for 1080p gaming though and editing this PC will get the job done however like I said before if you want a more balanced gaming PC be sure to check out the links down below you'll also be saving a lot more money when I pretty much wraps up the video if you guys enjoyed it be sure to leave a like if you didn't feel T or dislike and huge thanks to I by powers are sending this in for review this is that some tech stories and I'll see you in the next one
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