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1950X Threadripper Build - September Builds 2017

what's up guys it's that from tech source and welcome to September's PC build of the month and I remember promising you guys a thread ripper build so not only am I going to be going over one in this video but I'm gonna be building that exact same one on the channel for October so with that said let's begin the video before you pay full price on your next purchase consider checking out deal source tech for the best tech deals online because not only do we have a team of people uploading deals daily but we cross-checked them with multiple websites to make sure you're getting the best price out there right now we cover all of us UK Canada and even Germany so check out the old source tech link below so we're gonna focus on some AMD builds for this episode in fact I'm gonna be building one of them on the channel which is the very first one and I'm calling it Jack the Ripper it's a super high-end thread Ripper build featuring the 1950 x16 core processor right now there aren't that many coolers compatible with the tr4 socket so I'm gonna be using my trusty old H 100 IV 2 with a supplied bracket that came with the 1950 ex the motherboard I'm going with is the MSI X 399 gaming Pro carbon that I unboxed the neat last episode which is gonna work well with the black and orange team I'm going with and I'll be able to overclock the 1950 X easily I wanted to go with orange RAM sticks to stick with the color scheme and the only way I was going to achieve this was through RGB and g.skill is actually one of the best ones out there and I've used that Ram a lot in my previous builds and I'm a huge fan so I'm gonna throw in 32 gigs in there for storage I'm going to use a single m2 but I'm also gonna throw in two one gigabyte that says these to use in raid 0 now if this was going to be my actual build I would throw in a 10 terabyte hard drive for mass storage but the actual build won't have a hard drive since I'm not gonna keep this PC for myself I wanted to go with to Vega 64 in this PC to make a complete AMD build but unfortunately I only have one and well you guys know that one is never enough for me so I decided to go overkill status and throw in 2 EVGA 1080p is texture style powering the build is a 1000 watt power supply from EVGA and also a quick note for people doing thread Ripper builds you guys have to make sure that power supply comes with a second 8-pin for the CPU socket since the tr4 socket requires a total of 16 ApS connectors that's only if you're gonna be overclocking though if not then a single 8 pin connector for the CPU is fine the case I'm going with is Krueger's new conquer tower which not only looks badass but it's also gonna fit the color scheme of the build beautifully the cost of this entire PC will come out to a little over 1,500 dollars including the cables leaving and the back plates that I will be picking up from v1 Tech I will be getting the Rison logo on the back plates and I'm also gonna be picking up two SSD covers as well all right this next build is more budget-friendly and it's gonna cost you around $650 it features the rising 3 1200 quad core CPU and the newly released Vega 56 if you're lucky enough to snag one while it's in stock the asrock a B 350 M actually got a price cut from 80 to 60 bucks making it an even easier choice to use in the build it is a budget gaming PC so I'm starting it off with only 8 gigs of RAM but the motherboard does have two extra dem slots for future expandability I'm also gonna start to build a single one terabyte hard drive from Seagate since it's currently cheaper than the WD that I keep using ok so here's why I went with the Vega 56 card so this PC is actually built mainly for quad HD gaming if you guys can be gaming in 1080p you will experience bottlenecks in some games I did make a video to prove this so check it out if you guys are interested but it looks like the GTX 1060 and the rx 580 is the sweet spot combined with the 1200 CPU but once you increase the resolution to 2 K then the GPU starts getting utilized more which means you want to experience any bottleneck II I hope that makes some sense to you guys that is why this build is mainly for 2k and not 1080p to keep the cost down we're going with the vo6 from vivo which is a micro ATX case and honestly it doesn't look too bad for 35 bucks you get a clear side panel to 120 millimeter fans in the front with blue LEDs and also a front USB 3.0 that's actually not a bad deal and finally powering this entire build is a 600 watt power supply from EVGA which has a crazy deal right now from that by it's only going for $25 as opposed to 55 and that brings the total to a little under 650 bucks 2k gaming for less than $700 that is not a bad deal but anyways that wraps up the video thing guys so much for watching if you excited for thread rubber build make sure to toss a like to show your support if you guys didn't like the video feel free to dislike as well as long as you leave some feedback but anyways thank you so much again for watching I'll see you in the next one
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