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1st Look at the new 16GB iPod Touch (5th Gen) - Unboxing/Overview

what's up guys welcome back to the Texas today we're gonna be looking at the new 16 gig iPod touch recently released by Apple this is the 16 gig version of the ipod touch that Apple released just a few days ago and this goes for about to 29 through the Apple Store and it's only available in one color which is the black and silver which you see here so there is really no difference between these and the 32 and 64 versions except that this does not have a back camera along with a loop in the back where you attach a band to this seems very suitable actually for someone that doesn't take much pictures or any pictures for that matter or use up a lot of space for movies and music I believe that this is an ideal iPod touch for children in my opinion the way it was set up and the price for I think honestly will make great gifts so here's the iPod itself once I peel the sticker off notice that the front is actually black and back of it is actually silver so you can see here that the camera is also missing on the top left and as well as the loop on the bottom it's it's no longer there so I'm gonna put this inside real quick and look at the rest of the box honesty's is straight forward I don't know why I'm going over this but anyways here it goes so all Apple products always come with a Hello and it's kind of like a general guide showing you how to use iPod and what each button is used for basically just some basic things like that and next you have some stickers which no one ever uses these are actually the same USB chargers as the previous models you have the usual USB to lightning connector and last but not least you have the Apple earpods so that's basically it for the unboxing and first look everything else is basically the same thing it's the same software same accessories they just took out the camera and the loop and they lowered the size to 16 gigabytes not much else to say about this I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did please like the video as it helps me out a lot and stay tuned for future giveaways and videos this is the text source guys and I'll see you next time
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