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1st Official Meetup + Massive Tech Giveaway

what God is that some tech stores we are here at the headquarters well we used to be the headquarters we're here at the meet up it's actually Saturday right now around 3 o'clock we got a bunch of people waiting outside as we purchased tickets to come here for words and giveaway and I was going to go bring them in so it's good by the way huge shot of this guy over here Matt came away from freaking Texas I'm sorry electrolux my bee species or one much view i lucky too pretty sir good pretty good let's go also shout-out to Sergio for be my last minute dr. Cameron we have a guys hey guys don't expect the best but you're going to make this work by the way you guys never seen Ed stand standing it's pretty tough oh my bad again sorry I can't do it there's a lot of people Wow okay what's up guys welcome to the textile head are used to detect onset borders thank you so much for making just staying sometimes come down here I know it's really hot there is no AC in there because they cancel the last week giving I told them not to but it's a lot cooler inside that's for sure holy crabs a lot of people okay I'm going to call you guys name whoever purchase the ticket just make sure you raise your hand and say you're here wouldn't give you a random number but let's do that inside because I know it's pretty pretty hot out so you guys will have a form a single-file line and just follow me you can still come in if there's an extra stop which I'm sure there's better because a lot of stuff here I'll give you guys something all right I'm sure everybody here will leave with at least one piece of text I mean let's do this all right don't people to me here's what I'm going to do I'm going to figure product I'm not call a number that does your number and if you want the product you say yes that's not just a past you keep on you keep your ticket and I'm going to the next person yeah yeah I'll bring it to you guys over there you get it unless I was in a bigger diamond to my sorry time first one is an h2 x99 motherboard the only thing is going to comes with it as a static cable I'm sorry you have no back plate or anything all right there we go no box no boxes I select first style is very lucky number 10 Jonesy all right here she goes oh oh you're not a good sign ups hook it's a 970 motherboard no chip Stefan I must die here we go number two over here number two all over two number two all right - thank you how are on Saturday sorry is a Davis product let's keep casualties at a minimum 330 minimum nobody to our 15 the based on you buy the air at work I'm sorry right time to play bar number 1425 it yeah you know what yeah oh here are our motherboard we got an email about that Oh time served if you want power supply from me quiet Yannick microbiotic in San Diego together yeah and worth it yeah hey where'd you come from San Diego they are cuckoo Colorado over here so yeah okay whose amazing so that's a wrap guys I'm standing here in my office used to be my office as you can see the wall behind me that is where the phones were but the studio is on board as home is no more I've been here for a year and a half and it's time to move on you're standing here this is what my desk used to live against the wall my chairman be over here I would sit right here with the camera facing against the camera but the media went pretty well I think we had over you know we had around 50 people show up which was ridiculous I only expected around 20 or 30 max I think everybody left with a piece of text even the people that didn't buy the tickets so if you're watching this and you didn't win anything I'm sorry this whole thing was kind of a bit crazy and overwhelming but for those of you that they want win something congratulations again thank you so much for your time to everybody who actually showed up at the p.m. the AC situation was really bad they should off the incident not my fault I'm sorry there's a lot of bodies really close together you shut up to math and when you're watching two kings from Texas to pick up a letter box yelled out any other significance on here trooper of course my man Sergio the cavity attics what we do without you honestly this would happen to such a guy thank you so much people who's watching Olivier I can all see you in the neck you
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