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$2000 Beast Mini-Itx Gaming PC | April 2017

what's up guys it's a from tech source and this is portal my very first powerful mini ITX build on the channel how powerful you might ask well I threw in a 7700 ka 16 gigs of ram from g.skill and packed it with a massive 10 80 TI from Asus this thing is no joke it's long and thick that's what she said seriously though it barely fits inside the case but more on that later I'm also using the a cz 270 i motherboard because it's packed with a bunch of features it supports overclocking features four SATA ports dual PCIe gen3 and two support for raid configurations Wi-Fi connectivity it's got three four pin fan connectors and it even has RGB for storage I'm using a one terabyte hard drive from Western Digital for mass storage however the main drive that runs the OS is an MDOT two SSD from a pacer which I picked up really cheap and finally the power supply I had to go with was the Corsair SF 600 because the standard ATX power supplies do not fit inside this case and speaking of case this is a very interesting mini ITX chassis it's unique for several reasons reason number one is it doesn't have a side panel and instead the clear panel is actually near the top showing out the GPU and only the GPU but I do have a version without a clear panel second reason is the motherboard layout is inverted and sadly that's the only option available and finally you can actually separate the case giving you access to the key components inside my initial reaction while I was building inside this case was holy crap this thing looks awesome it's basically like a transformer case I love it it is my favorite media attacks case by far well after the excitement's died down and I finished building the PC and played around with it for a while I realized that the pull out method was just a gimmick isn't the pull out method always a gimmick so yeah here's a problem that I ran into after finishing the build it tilts and it doesn't really matter what parts you've used once you pull out the tray - at least halfway out it's gonna tip over because it's lacking support to balance so doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of having a case that you can pull out if it's just gonna tip over also not to mention that you need to remove two thumb screws from the back in order to pull it out and actually one of the thumb screws is blocked off by the PSU cable so you can't even use a screwdriver to remove it you're just gonna have to use your fingers in the hopes that is not over tightened I mean don't get me wrong I still love this case it's actually still my favorite mini ITX case out there because the design is really awesome it looks really cool on any desk you put it on and I had so much fun building inside of it for several reasons everything was really easy to install there was plenty of space to hide the cables everything was just easily within reach it's got two hard drive bays and one SSD trade near the top and both the USB 3.0 ports are on its side speaking of cable management I decided to go with the white extensions to match the white and black team but soon after I realized that it was a stupid idea since you can't even see any of it because of the extensions I had a lot of extra cable slack to work with making the cable management a bit difficult thankfully though I had the entire bottom slot of the hard drive bay which I wasn't using to route and hide the cables in if you're gonna get this case and used up both of the hard drive bays then sadly you're gonna have a tough time managing cables that's for sure I even had to route some cables on the exterior of the case since there was no more room inside and thankfully there was still some clearance left on the sides of the case which let me barely slide it back inside the only real clearance issue I had was the gravis card the Strix 1080 Ti is noticeably thicker than the 1060 and 1070 and because of that the corner of the shroud scrapes against the case as I slide it in and out so if we can use the same card inside this case it's gonna fit but barely and it's gonna scrape your GPU every time you slide it in and out all right so let's talk temps I had some mixed feelings about them because these 7700 K easily hits 5 gigahertz at 1.3 volts I've actually done it unto of my other 7700 K chips but this one in particular runs a bit harder for some reason not only did I not achieve the 5 gigahertz clock speed but the temps are in the high 80s during full load so I had to knock it down to 4.8 gigahertz at one point 25 volts instead to keep the temps under 80 degrees so I either have a bad CPU or a bad cooler the thing is I've used the 120 X before which kept my 6700 K really cool on the Trigon build so I know that these coolers are great from deep cool I just think I got very unlucky this time around however I did overclock the ram and GPU as well I was only able to push the Strix 10 atti a little under 50 mega hertz on the core clock and almost 200 megahertz on the memory for the most part the case isn't closed but there are fangirls located on all four corners of the case to provide some airflow and there's even a concave near the top which lets additional hot air escape from the back 4-5 spec benchmarks that scored 22,000 167 putting this right below the titania build i did back in january which had to tighten axes alright so with all of that out of the way here is what this pc can do in 4k gaming in max settings let's check out the benchmarks I'm definitely happy with the way this bill turned out it's powerful portable and looks amazing on any desk they do have a black version as well and I'll drop a link to all the parts using this PC down below if you guys enjoy my monthly PC bills leaving a like really helps me out a ton thank you so much for watching as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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