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$2000 Gaming PC Build - March

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and welcome to the ultimate build for the month of March this is man --tx the $2,000 ultimate gaming PC inside the Manta case yeah I'm kind of running out of names my pc so just deal with it it's running on a 6700 K which I overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz thanks to the amazing and extremely silent CPU cooler from be quiet the dark rot 3 I'm also using 16 gigabytes of g.skill Trident z Ram running on three 200 megahertz and 512 gigabytes of storage from Samsung's 850 pro SSD the motherboard is one of the most important parts to any pc build it allows all of the parts to work seamlessly together and since I'm building an ultimate gaming PC in such a small case I had to make sure I don't cheap out I have used MSI products in the past many times and they have never let me down so if the comparing a few ITX ports the obvious choice was the msi z170 i gaming pro motherboard it comes with a bunch of really cool features like the USB audio power pro that enhances USB audio quality and my favorite gaming land which prioritizes bandwidth to games so we don't end up lagging or getting disconnected the goal of this build was to pack in as much power as I can in a small space which is why i went with the msi gtx 980ti graphics card to finish up the bill that went with 750 watts of goodness from be quiet dark power pro 11 power supply the guys at v1 tech are back again with the awesome custom sleeves and although they made a backplate for the GPU which I planned I'm using there just wasn't enough clearance to fit it in I gotta hand it to be quiet though none of the pcs I've built on the channel or ever disquiet I might as well call this a silent bill but this is what it sounds like while gaming and finally the icing on the cake are these LEDs that I picked up from cable Maude I no longer use the sticky kind and switch over to the magnetic strips because of how much easier it is to work with spending hours building a beautiful piece II will go to waste if you don't properly show off what's inside so if you guys want to check out some really cool magnetic LED strips along with any of the mods or parts using this build then check out the links below for benchmarks Mantic scored a fifteen thousand five hundred seventy-six and you guys can find additional benchmark scores and temperatures in my google drive folder which I'll have linked below for getting work done the pc rendered out a 60 second 4k video file in just over four minutes and as always I'll leave a template in the Google Drive if you guys want to run the same test for your PC alright so on to the gaming benchmarks portion of the video you guys can find the frame counter on the top left of the corner if anyone is interested let's begin you so that's for the video if you guys enjoy my monthly PC bills make sure to beat the crap out of that like button to show your support and my next PC bill is actually going to be a five hundred dollar gaming PC so if you guys want sneak peeks make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram it's basically a thing guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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