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200,000 Subscriber Special - PC Giveaway?!

hi I'm ed from Texas I haven't planned anything for this video so I'm just gonna wing it hopefully it doesn't tank pretty bad but I'm also gonna do the one take I'm not gonna edit or script or whatever first and foremost 200,000 subscribers that's words cannot even express what I'm feeling right now I had I couldn't sleep as past few days I came to this a lot sooner than I expected it's supposed to happen in December but it happened early thank you guys so much for this achievement it means so much to me and I honestly wouldn't be here without every single one of you guys if I can reach inside the camera and give you guys a hug I would but fortunately I'm stuck here but I know it sounds redundant every time a youtuber reaches a milestone you thank their subscribers which they should because you guys are the reason why we are here but it's really true honestly it really is true you guys are making my dream a reality and for that I'm very grateful I guess I'm after at this Wow okay okay anyways thank you guys honestly so much for this this is this is an amazing at you I can't even I can't even describe it I guess it's crazy its I do want to say this it is a lot of work no matter how easy everyone makes it seem or how easy I make the seem sitting here in front of the camera it really is and there's so much stress involved there's so much work that gets and put in these videos I can show you guys the office right now in fact let me show you real quick there's been a lot of stress recently actually is past few months I've been doing these videos by myself I've mentioned a few times and it's not easy putting up three four videos a week by just myself so I brought over my cousin Bob from Texas he actually helped out some of the videos in the past if he has been with the channel for a while you guys already know who he is but he's coming back he's gonna be helping out a lot with the videos especially with the iPhone 6s launch hopefully we can put out five and six videos a week for you guys that's the plan I was supposed to announce to giveaway in December but apparently it happened earlier so I'm going to be doing another PC giveaway it's gonna happen in October hopefully you guys can stick around for that but that's basically all I wanted to say thank you guys so much for your support is amazing honestly I can that's crazy it's it really is crazy I cannot just can't you can you can tell I can't even like say the words it's I can't describe it but it's amazing I got up every morning with a big smile on my face to make videos for you guys and I'll continue to do that for the rest of my life I do this as a passion I love making videos I love making tech videos and I love that you guys watch them that's the main thing here but that's basically I thank you guys again thank you so much for everything I will see you in the next video I hope you
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