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2012 HONDA CBR 600 RR (1st day)

how's it going guys this is my new 2012 on the CBR 600 I just got about 30 minutes ago brand new from the dealer delivered to me so psyched about this bike I can't wait to test-drive it tomorrow I love this color choice I'm called at least six dealers only one of them had a left and I rushed over that paid cash pick it up I ordered a few mods on it I'm going to get the flush mounts get those are place that we're going to fender eliminator kit I'm not gonna get an exhaust yet and wait six months and then get one installed what else did I get oh and an integrated taillight system just going to be added right there John it's got about two miles right now means amazing I can't wait to drive the ship tomorrow alright so I just woke up I barely any sleep yesterday I was taking about my bike the entire night call me crazy but I don't care I have an emotional value attached to my motorcycles I don't be able to understand that but I'm gonna take this out for a job today I'm gonna drive to my cousin's first so you can videotape me driving because I can't pick myself do you want to show you is my gear process actually there about the bike the Joe rocket UFO 2.0 balloon researching for about a week and it's the best one I found that matches my bike and the material textile I prefer textile then another because can't really move another this one has a lot of them for freedom and I just love the material it's great got a pretty good deal I got I got it for 200 bucks usually it's a lot more than that happen oh that's my leather one it's built I really like using down widgets but you have a mushroom to move in there it's my show a helmet fine a helmet shows the way you go the best of the best I love this design is amazing well yeah that's it guys um I'll see you in a bit okay I wanted to pop you lot like alright guys as I said my cousin's house is going to take me drive here we go there was a game alright guys I hope you enjoy the video I'm sorry about the amateurish cinematography I'm doing my best here but yeah that was it um got the bike yesterday drove all around today overall I loved it I love the power it's amazing I still got some time used to it hopefully take me a few weeks but yeah I'm gonna be really careful with this baby as I said earlier I'm gonna post I'm gonna order some mods and if you guys want me to post a how-to videos on installing them do you just leave a comment below and tell me which ones you want me to make a video on I'm going to be getting the flush mounts the turn signals replace those I'm going to be getting an integrated taillight system with the trans signals on there to find their eliminator kit and I'm gonna be getting wind scripts or stripes and I'm my head on the rim they're either red or black I haven't decided yet but I'm probably gonna be putting a red one later in the future I'm gonna be removing this one I'm putting a black windscreen but for now I'm gonna leave it as it is maybe in a few months oh and I also picked this up on my way here a pro gripped sticker whatever you call it I don't know but yeah guys thank you for watching you want more videos just a question down below and I'll try and keep you guys up to date on whatever I install on this alright thank you for watching
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