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what's up guys it's a thumbtack story and in today's video we're gonna be taking you look at LG's new super UHD TV it's no wallpaper TV but it still has very thin bezels and it also has a VESA mount in case you guys want to mount this against a wall but before we get to the panel and what makes this TV special let's jump over to the back and take a look at the ports so we've got four HDMI we have three USB 3 ports one at the rear and two on the side we've also got an Ethernet port and of course your various audio ports unfortunately there are no display ports which isn't a deal-breaker but I would like to see this at some point moving to the front we can see how their new full array dimming backlighting gives us deep black levels almost on par with OLED TVs now how this works is the TV has more LED lighting zones so basically the panel can light up only the pixels it needs while keeping a consistent picture quality throughout the panel and of course it's also HD already giving you a wider dynamic range and should we combine this with 4k resolution you've got yourself a killer combo for your PlayStation 4 pro or Xbox one x and speaking about gaming the Nano Cell TV is great at it switching over to the gaming mode lowers input lag making this experience even better they don't have the exact numbers listed on their website but from my experience I can say that the lag is very minimal or not even noticeable with the nano cell technology you're also getting better viewing angles when compared to the traditional TVs out there here's a diagram from LG showing the difference of what they claimed to be 60 degrees so this isn't going to make much of a difference until you start viewing from sharper angles this is great when you have people over and you're watching a game a movie or even playing games and everyone's kind of spread out in the living room with this technology you won't have to worry about anyone missing action LG did this cool soccer challenge to illustrate the difference and I'll leave a link below if you guys want to check it out moving up to the speaker's we get to on the bottom with a combined output of 40 watts and like the past models they're great I mean it doesn't get loud enough to fill a large room and it has a surprising amount of bass honestly these are probably good enough for most people without having to go out and buy a sound bar we also get Dolby Atmos that gives you a more immersive audio experience but I left us off in most situations although our movies definitely added to the experience I would imagine with a sound bar this technology would work better than they do on the built-in speakers you guys know what my big fan of LG's UI from my past reviews and they've made it smarter this year-round by adding google assistant and amazon alexa using a microphone found on the remote you can use your voice to make your TV do stuff like search for videos on YouTube for example overall the experience is clean and easy to use especially with the LG remote that has an ergonomic design and includes shortcuts to Netflix and Amazon video but still even till today we don't have a dedicated YouTube button why would anyone use Amazon video over YouTube we just makes no sense I feel like YouTube is more popular it also has a built-in accelerometer so you can use a cursor to navigate around so to wrap up my review this year's model definitely improves on a lot of last year's shortcomings but I wouldn't go out buying it if you do happen to have the older version laying around but if you're shopping around for your next TV they should definitely be on your list with 4k HDR everything is vibrant and if you're a gamer you're especially going to appreciate the low input lag that isn't so common in TVs like this the darker blacks add to the overall contrast and the picture all while keeping the cost down when compared to all that panels and the great viewing angles are a must when you have company over and that might wraps up the review LG is actually giving one of these bad boys to a lucky subscriber and all you guys have to do to enter is drop a like on the video and let me know in the comment section and down below which features of the 2018 new super UHD TV to you the most I'll be announcing the winner on my Twitter account at a month or so so make sure to follow me there for all the details and the winner announcements are doubling below as well if you guys want to check out the UHD TV thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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