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$2600 Gaming PC - Time Lapse Build

hey guys it's definite X source and before I jump into the awesome time-lapse build I do want to give a huge thanks to audible for teaming up with me and sponsoring this video I'm actually working with them on their brand new new year a new me campaign to help you guys achieve your goals faster in 2018 so if you guys remember a few months ago I posted on Twitter the list of goals that I wanted to achieve in 2018 and in order to achieve some of these goals I've been listening to some audiobooks from audible specifically this audiobook from Charles Duhigg called smarter faster better and it talks a lot about being productive in life and business and after I'm done with that I'm gonna be checking out unlimited memory and bored and brilliant and I chose these titles because it's gonna help me with my personal life and business which will have a huge impact on my health and happiness I do recommend audible and that's because they have an enormous selection of audiobooks and audio products on their platform and the best part is that you can get a free 30-day trial and a free audiobook simply by signing up using the link in the description section so I want to set my own personal goal of listening to at least six audiobooks for 2018 and I want to challenge you guys to set your own goal for 2018 as well if you haven't already I want you to select three audiobooks that you feel will help you achieve your goal by using the link in the description section and audible and I want you guys to send me a screenshot using the hashtag new year new me and I'm gonna be picking my favorite and I'll be giving that person a free six month trial on audible so with that said I hope you guys enjoy this video and that pretty much wraps up the time-lapse video let me know what you guys think of the PC by leaving your comments down below and if you enjoy the video tossing a like would be appreciated also guys don't forget to send in the screenshots of the three audio books that you feel will help you achieve your goals in 2018 by using the hashtag new year new me I'll be picking my favorite and I'll be awarding them a six month free trial on audible once again you guys can find the link to that down below thanks again so much for watching I love your faces and I'll see you in the next one
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