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$2800 Ultimate Gaming PC Benchmarks - May

ladies and gentlemen it's ad from Texas and welcome to the PC build for the month of May this is black snow the $2,800 gaming PC winning two EVGA gtx 980ti is in sli and before everyone comments about why i didn't wait for the gtx 1080 to do a build the simple answer is that this was planned for months and i didn't want to wait for the cars to come out because well then there wouldn't be a build for this month rest assured though there will be plenty of 1080 and 1070 builds in the next few months on the channel so if you guys are new make sure you subscribe because you don't want to miss out aside from the two gtx 980ti is I also packed in the i7 6700k and overclocked it to four point five gigahertz using the Asus z170 deluxe motherboard black snow also has 32 gigabytes of Dominator Platinum's and h100 Ivy to CPU cooler and white LED fans from Corsair as well juicing up this entire build as the RM 750 X power supply and everything is packed inside the gorgeous Corsair 400 CK's one of the things absolutely love about this tower is the fact that you can easily snap open the side panel and the amount of space it provides for a push and pull configuration the NZXT s340 or even h4 40 cases don't have this much space and they look pretty similar some custom mods include sleeved cables from my guys at v1 Tech which I'll drop a link below if anyone's interested and white magnetic LEDs from BitFenix I stopped using adhesive strips a while back and switched completely over to magnetic strips just because of how stupid easy it is to install I also don't have to worry about it falling off for the standard fire strike benchmarks black snow scored a 20,000 254 and for the fire strike ultra it scored a 78 22 moving on to the heaven benchmarks we have an average frame count of one sixty eight point three for the 1080p version fully maxed out settings whereas I got an FPS counter forty six point three when we pumped up the resolution to 4k similar results were found on the Metro last light benchmark 100 8.69 average FPS fully maxed out settings and 45 point 42 FPS count on 4k on GTA 5 black snow got an average of 109 point 59 for the 1080p benchmark and average frames of 37 point 84 for 4k which isn't bad at all considering that the settings were completely maxed out in fact lowering msaa down two times four will give you around 30% more fps and 4k the final two games I tested are rise of the Tomb Raider showing healthy numbers and 1080p with max settings and somewhere close to 40 after bumping it up to 4k finally I had to test out our survival to see how embarrassing the frames are running to 980 T is and it was a complete devastation trying to run it in 4k with average frames less than 20 which wasn't playable so I'm only gonna be showing you guys 1080p results instead on high settings I managed to crank out an average 47 frames per second and only 27 point 5 fps when I cranked it up to epic which is the highest setting in the game but that pretty much wraps up the video thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed my monthly PC builds make sure to hit that like button to show your support as always I have a bunch of gtx 1080 and 1070 builds coming up in the next few weeks and even months so make sure you guys stick around they have so much watching and i'll see you in the next video
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