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$332 for an HDR 4K TV?! - Skyworth 49U5A Review

hey guys real quickly joy by calm and celebrating their 10 year anniversary and I wanted to let you know that they have a bunch of deals on tech in fact the TV I'm reviewing in this video is on sale for less than $350 right now with Free Shipping and I'll drop a link below so make sure to check them out you know it's really difficult to when buying TVs nowadays there are so many different brands to choose from it can get really frustrating there are so many factors that comes into play when deciding on what TV to purchase budget is one of them the technology and of course the quality of the TV well that's what this video is about I'm gonna be reviewing an affordable 4k TV from Sky worth that goes for less than three hundred and fifty dollars for those of you that are familiar with skywards they are really huge in China and now they're focusing on the US market surprisingly for less than $350 you get a lot making the sky worth very attractive all for the average movie buff and gamer however there are also things I didn't like about the TV which I'll be going over in the video so one of the things that makes this TV stand out compared to other budget TVs in the same bracket is that it comes with HDR which provides a higher level of contrast between light and dark images on the screen to create more realistic image another thing I noticed is that some games have trouble detecting the HDR chipset inside the TV I tried to enable it while playing Uncharted but it was great out because it couldn't recognize it and that could be a deal-breaker for some people since they won't be able to take full advantage of HDR and games one thing to take note is the picture quality out of the box it's really bad for some reason the sharpness was set to 13 by default making the image look very fake I had to lower it down to 3 to improve the quality greatly so do keep that in mind if you decide to pick one up the viewing angles are pretty good you get a 170 degree wide viewing angle and I haven't noticed a significant color shift when watching from the sides aesthetic wise I think that's a good-looking TV very slim bezels on three sides a sleek base design and a surprisingly very light it also comes with a wall mount however the standard base amounts will also work near the bottom is where the front firing speakers are and it's not bad it's not the best I mean they do get distorted at high volumes and the sound is slightly tinny in some cases they're also not that bassy so don't expect to rattle the walls when watching a movie but like I said earlier they're not bad you can watch a movie or play games on it and they won't make your ears bleed for ports it's got one USB and an HDMI on the side which are a little too close to each other then I would like we also got one USB and two more HDMI is in the back personally I'm a fan of the vertical orientation as it's a little inconvenient plugging things in but I realized that this type of setup is standard on most TVs one thing I like about this TV is the OS it comes installed with Android TV which means you have access to the Google Play Store music and other Google services you can hook up your Android tablet smartphone and screen cast straight to your TV I would say the interface is user friendly it's easy to navigate and you can find all the popular apps right on the home screen you also have quick access on the remote itself to Netflix and Google Play however I would have preferred YouTube over a Google Play but that's just my preference all right let's talk gaming so once you hook up your console or game device the TV will adjust the processing speed and the color to enhance the responsiveness of the display I mean don't expect anything similar to 100 Hertz refresh rate panel the TV is capped at 60 Hertz so it's not gonna be as quick and responsive but it didn't affect my gameplay that much while playing games like Uncharted however playing fortnight was a different story coming from my PC it was night and day because shooter games requires the most precision and you can't really get that with 60 Hertz so if you're planning on hooking up your PC to this just for gaming that I don't recommend it however if you're playing casual games like RPG realtime strategy or even adventure games then it will get the job done all right so who's this TV for and is it worth it honestly for less than $350 it is hard not to recommend it you get a lot for the money and that's kind of the main selling point of this TV you get a lot for Less 4k resolution Google Play HDR you got great viewing angles and color with decent sounding speakers so the only downsides on the TV are the low input lag when it comes to gaming and the compatibility or support for HDR technology when it comes to games other than that and that's pretty much all the other features you would expect from a smart TV now if the downsides don't bother you then it's worth picking up so that does it for my review of the skyward 49 u5a if you want to check it out I'll drop a link to it down below and also a coupon code where you can get five dollars off your purchase the website is owned by jvcom which is China's largest online retailer and they are all committed to ensuring the highest standards of product quality authenticity and customer satisfaction they're actually celebrating their 10 year anniversary on June 18th where they will be having anniversary sales so be sure to check them out on other cool tech deals thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video
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