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$350 Gaming PC Build - February

what's up guys it's that back again from Texas and welcome to deep budget bills for the month of February this is Bud Tron the $350 gaming PC that can run GTA 5 in ultra settings like on my budget build on the channel there will be a build guide showing you step-by-step on how to build this exact same PC and how to install a fresh copy of windows also for the first time ever I will now show you guys how to overclock the pcs and all of my build guides so definitely leave a like if you're excited to see that you guys can also find the links to all of the parts I use for this build down below in the description section so this PC is running on an Intel G 32:58 which I overclocked to 4.3 gigahertz and I paired it with the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti and eight gigabytes of RAM for the motherboard I went with the Asus H 81 M a micro ATX and for storage I chose one terabyte of hard drive space from Seagate as usual I could have gone with 430 watts from EVGA but for five dollars more I decided to upgrade to 500 watts instead because why not and I packed everything inside the rolls will F be M 0 1 mini tower case which is quite possibly the ugliest case known to mankind but for only 30 bucks it was an easy choice I did leave links down below for optional parts like an SSD and aftermarket cooler and even options for beefier graphics cards for those of you that want a little more power for temperatures the core is hover around 54 degrees on idle and jump to a stable 60 degrees during gaming which is actually pretty good considering it's on a stock cooler where benchmarks are scored eight thirty eight thirty nine and five strike you guys can see where it stacks up against my other budget built on the channel it's exactly where it should be for editing it managed to render out a 60 second 4k video file in a little over 10 minutes which isn't that great to be honest I mean it does have two cores after all so I would only recommend this PC for editing it's more aimed towards gaming alright so what can $350 get you in terms of gaming well let's take a look so that's what the benchmarks thank you guys so much for watching the video I love doing these monthly PC builds and if you guys enjoy watching them to make sure leave a like as it does help me out a ton i've already gathered parts for my next pc build which is going to be inside of an ITX case a mini ITX case I should say and you guys can follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you want sneak peeks but that's it thank you guys so much again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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