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$350 Gaming PC - February 2017

it is raining hard right now why don't you guys can hear that in the background ladies and gentlemen if you have around 350 bucks in your pocket then this piece actually who the hell keeps $250 in their pocket if you have around $350 somewhere in your life then this gaming PC might be for you if you want a game over 60 fps and high settings and most triple-a titles I'll also be doing a full step-by-step build guide for this exact same PC with the Windows installation and the BIOS flash so you guys want to pick up the parts and build one for yourself then you can find all the links to the parts down below the CPU we are using is the popular G 45 60 and we are pairing that with the asrock H 110 and motherboard which is obviously going to have to be flashed to support the new 7th gen processors we're going with a single stick of 8 gigs of ram from a victor 1 terabyte of hard drive space from Western Digital as always and in gigabytes gtx 1050 overclocked edition GPU since this performs better than the rx 460 if you don't believe me check out my top 5 GPUs under $200 which I'll have link below as well powering this entire build is the usual 430 watts of juice from EVGA and everything is packed inside the tiny yet extremely cheap DIY PC it doesn't have any space for cable management no it doesn't look good but then again what case does in this price range the fact that it has a front USB 3.0 ports and it's only going for 21 dollars it's pretty hard to pass up starting with temps to get high 30s during idle and around 75 during full load which isn't bad considering it's waiting on a stock heatsink put the fire strike benchmark it's scored 59 20 already beating out all of my previous budget bills under $600 but Ron volt dark cube and even my most recent budget build core bike this build cost under $400 and it's currently the king of the hill and it's going to be pretty hard to beat however when we look at render times it's pretty much tanked my November build was also running a dual-core processor the i3 6100 to be exact however it significantly did better than the g4 560 and rendering that just goes to show the processing power of an i3 there was only a point 2 megahertz in core speed between the two otherwise needless to say if you do any editing or graphic work or use any multi-threaded applications then this PC is not for you this is strictly a gaming and multimedia PC alright now here's the part where I'm going to shut up and let you guys enjoy the gaming benchmarks and yes these are my own at the gameplay please stay away from reddit so there you have it some really healthy numbers from the G 4560 you can pretty much game over 60fps in the most triple-a titles in high settings however some games like Battlefield 1 and tomb raider will require lower settings to achieve over 60 frames so the guys like what you see want to build this exact same PC for yourself make sure to watch the build guides link below if it's available and also consider subscribing text source for more monthly PC builds like these sometimes I do budget sometimes I do some crazy ultimate builds also if you guys want to watch my next video available on nice already make sure to download the app and check it out I upload them a few days sometimes a week earlier on the app compared to YouTube thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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