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$3600 Ultimate Gaming PC Build - November

what's up guys it's ed back again from Texas and welcome to the gaming PC bill for the month of November this is ray zaps the ultimate gaming PC running to Titan X's and SLI it also has Intel's newest 67 educating skylake processor which I overclocked to 4.7 gigahertz 16 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram from Corsair annex 61 CPU cooler from NZXT and 400 gigabytes of storage from Intel's newest PCIe SSD s powering all of these components is the unnecessary ax 1200 i PSU from Corsair and everything is packed inside the stunning Razer Edition s340 case from NZXT the case has a backlit Razer logo in the front with a non let logo inside along with green LEDs that glow from underneath and you also get a green lit power button up top with green USB 3.0 ports needless to say if you're going with a build that has some green in it I strongly recommend picking up this case a lot of you know that I recently switched to an s3 40 case myself and I'm absolutely loving it some minor mods I want to point out are the fan grills the custom cables GPU back plates and the sli bridge which were all done by these guys at v1 tech they did a phenomenal job with these and they have a bunch of other different parts that they can make it any color you can imagine so if you guys want to spice up your custom PC definitely check them out I'll drop a link down below to their website along with any of the parts are used for this PC build so onto the temps and benchmarks a lot of you guys don't really care for those so I left a screenshot down below on where you guys can check that out if anyone is interested for video editing Razak's managed to render a one-minute 4k file in just under four minutes using these export settings and you guys can find the link to the template if you guys want to download and compare speeds to your current PC alright so with all that said and done moving on to the best part of this video I should say the second best part of this video the gaming benchmarks I hope you guys enjoy we so that's it for the gaming benchmarks if you guys enjoy the video make sure to smack the crap out of that like button to show your support and I can continue doing these every single month for you my next PC build is a $450 budget build which is coming up really soon so make sure you guys stick around for that before I head out I want to give a huge thanks to Harry's for making this video possible if you guys are like me then you hate shopping for razors Harry sends everything you need for the perfect shave straight to your doorstep you get a premium made razor handle two extra blade cartridges and your choice of shaving cream or gel but just 15 bucks with a starter pack but if you guys use the Kotex oils you can knock off an extra five dollars off your first purchase the blades are extremely sharp and contours your face while shaving to give you the best shaving experience possible so click on the link down below and try them out for yourself but don't forget to use the code tech source to get your 5 dollars off but anyways that's it wrap it up here thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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