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$450 Budget Gaming PC Build - Actual Gameplay

what's happening guys the semtex Saurus in this video we'll be building a super budget gaming PC that's gonna cost less than five hundred dollars with this PC you're able to game comfortably in 1080p around 60fps now obviously that depends on what game you're playing and what settings you're using but we're gonna be testing a lot of games and see how this PC can handle those games at the end of this video so make sure you guys stick around for the benchmarks also guys there's going to be a build guy on this exact same PC not only installing all the components together but also installing windows and the drivers as well if the build guide is ready I'll drop a link down below in case you guys want to pick up the parts and follow along yourself so for the CPU we're going with the G 45 60 and it's gonna cost you $60 and this is well known for its performance per dollar it's a dual core processor with hyper threading so it's gonna act as a quad core in most games this little guy can pull its own weight if you pair it with a solid graphics card which you will see later in this video speaking of the GPU we are going with the geforce gtx 1050 TI for two reasons it's good enough to game in 1080p and it fits under the $500 budget however if you guys want a better GPU for more frames then you can upgrade up to a 1066 gigabyte card anything above that then you can experience CPU bottlenecking so it's not recommended to go past the 1066 gigabyte card for the motherboard I went with the as rugby 250 m it supports a 7th gen CPUs which means you don't need to flash the BIOS in order for it to work with the G 4560 it has two dem slots and that to support and six USB ports in the back four of which are USB three it's also a very reliable board based on the reviews from the users so for round $50 you can't go wrong with this now since the CPU only supports up to 2400 megahertz of RAM I picked up eight gigs from g.skill these are the NT series and they're going for $66 for two sticks so I looked around for the lowest price out there that was not only 2400 megahertz but also had the best timing out there and these are the best ones that I could find for storage we are starting off with a one terabyte hard drive from Seagate for less than $50 storage is always optional so if you guys have a slightly higher budget feel free to throw in an SSD or even an MDOT - but to keep the budget under $500 we have to go with a 1 terabyte from Seagate now for the case I was looking around for something that not only looks good but also keeps us around the 450 dollar budget and guys I was very surprised to find this so this is the thermaltake Versa h17 this case is going for only $35 and it's a really good looking micro ATX case and as he brushed aluminum panel with three USB ports on the top one of which is USB 3 it also has a PSU shroud and comes equipped with a 120 millimeter fan in the back however the case does support up to 22 80 millimeter radiator in the front and a 120 millimeter rad in the back or two fans in the front one on the top and one on the back as well the fans could be either 120 or 140 but yeah you got lots of room in there for additional fans the only gripe I have with this case is that it does not have a see-through side panel which honestly doesn't really matter because it is a budget build and if you guys are on a budget then you're not gonna be spending extra money on RGB lighting or custom cables and stuff like that so kind of the peace of purpose of a budget build if you're spending all that extra money but yeah it's not only a gripe but why don't I mention that to you guys finally powering everything is a 500 watt power supply from EVGA and this is plenty for future upgrades let's say you want to update your CP to an i3 on i-5 maybe get a better GPU or more storage that 500 watt power supply is gonna be plenty to power all that by the way guys I only spend $170 on a 10 50 P I which looking back it looks like it was on sale but if you guys want to spend anything more than that I'll find a similar price GPU like the zotac one for example which is also $170 because typically these cards go for a 980 some of them even go for $190 but if you want to stick to $170 price tag for the GPU I'll drop a link to that down below so yeah guys these are pretty much all the parts I'm using in the build I'll drop a link to every single one of these down below if you guys want to check it out but with that said let's put it together and see what this thing can do alright guys so now it's time to play some games in 1080p on the PC disable the sound so that you guys can hear me speak and also you can hear how loud the PC gets in certain games right now it's actually very silent and the first game I'm gonna be playing is Grand Theft Auto 5 let me show you guys the settings were using so as you guys can see DirectX 11 is enabled 1920 by 1080 fxaa MSA is off but everything else is pretty much set to very high or max so if you scroll down here everything else pretty much very high MSA a reflection is also set to off as well as post FX is normal and the anisotropic filtering is off and also ambient occlusion is that normal tessellation is also off so those are the settings we using in GTA 5 driving around outside we're getting good amount over 60 FPS average it does slip a little bit under 60 FPS in certain areas but for the most part you're getting anywhere from 60 to even 80 actually so kind of Lux rates depending on what you're doing in the game also you guys can look at the stats on the top left of the screen the top portion is the GPU starts off with the GPU temperature then it goes to the GPU percentage being used and then the GPU clock speed which is 18:48 megahertz underneath that is the memory clock underneath that is the CPU temperature over here 54 degrees about the crash let me write out the percentage of the CPU being used so we're about 85% 90% CPU usage and that is the CPU clock we're at 3.5 gigahertz underneath that is Ram that's how much RAM is being used to play the game we're currently around 6 gigabytes I would say and then underneath that of course is the FPS count just so you guys know what you're looking at across the next games but yeah on GTA 5 you guys can expect anywhere from 60 to 90 FPS obviously depends on what you're doing what area you are in the game and stuff like that there's more action going on you're gonna be getting anywhere in the low-60s and then if there's pretty much nothing else going around you're gonna get high 70s and low 80s so that guys that's pretty much GTA 5 let's move on to the next game guys the next game I'm playing is black ops 4 so the settings we're looking at 1920 by 1080 the render resolution is that set to 100 and everything else is pretty much set to medium across the board there are some settings set to OFF like screen space where I was reflection as well as the special effects shadows and other stuff so indoors looks like we're getting anywhere from 70 to even the mid 80s not bad very smooth gameplay no stutter whatsoever so during gunfights obviously the frames dip a little bit but nothing too crazy you're still getting well over 60 fps indoors let me actually go outside and see how the frames differ so outside not much of a difference really you're still getting why even in the 80s that is not bad I can probably even increase the render resolution a little more just so the game looks sharper and I can still hit over 60fps but the fact that it's not stuttering or lagging is very impressive on black ops four CPU usage is around 90% and we're still 3.5 gigahertz there is 5.5 gigs of ram being utilized for the game so looks like our 8 gigs of ram is still plenty for black ops 4 yeah guys a very smooth gameplay very happy with the numbers for black ops 4 moving on to the next game alright so next game we're playing is fortnight's here are the settings we are using 1920 by 1080 and the settings are set to high across-the-board we do have motion blur set to on vsync off and yeah this is pretty much what the settings are we using also notice that the GPU is that 99% almost 100% load and the PC still remains very quiet so that's pretty cool alright so we're on the ground we're getting around 70 FPS as soon as you start to see more people kind of dip a little bit I leave the lowest I've seen it dip - like 62 FPS so far alright next game is overwatch over here we're playing 1920 by 1080 and we are set to high settings as you guys can see preset is set to high we're getting around 100 FPS doing action oh let's get that nice about that dad I think I'm better than overwatch then I'm in a fortnight so yeah we're getting minimum 100 FPS oh nice and it goes up to 120 130 not bad very fluid gameplay though guys no lagging no stuttering I'm very happy with the FPS on overwatch GPU is also a 98% CPU around 86 percent 90 percent and still remains very quiet guys this is actually a very silent build as well and that's all for watch guys from getting well over 100 FPS moving on to the next game alright next game is the popular csgo we are playing 1080p maxed out settings as you guys can see everything is either set to high or very high whatever the highest setting is per category FPS wise I mean obviously this is a less demanding game so you're gonna be getting well over 100 FPS so anywhere from I would say I don't know 120 to even 200 FPS and csgo even if you have a potato PC I feel like csgo or one buttery smooth regardless oh my why you are you kidding so RAM usage is around 5 gigs as you guys can see CPU usage around 50 I'm sorry 76% CPU usage an around 70 75 % GP usage temps are really low again the PC is really quiet this is a really nice build I'm very impressed actually I thought the CPU fan would amp up and it'll be really loud but surprisingly it's a very quiet build so these BOTS have like titanium armor and their faces or something oh yeah not much else to see with you guys over 100 FPS very smooth gameplay no stuttering you're gonna get you can play csgo competitively on this PC without a doubt alright moving on to the next game alright guys next up is pop G we are playing squads settings we are using right now is a 1920 by 1080 everything else is set to medium across-the-board so once again guys this game is poorly optimized so don't expect any crazy frames the frames are fluctuating getting anywhere from 50 to 70 it looks like but I'm getting constantly above 60fps that's not bad this game is definitely playable in medium settings once we're outside it dips down to the low sixties or mid sixties I guess not bad but guys check out how quiet the PC still is we've been I've been playing I think for at least an hour now across multiple games and this thing is still super silent you gotta admit that's pretty impressive for a budget PC $450 budget PC look at that smooth gameplay let's actually drive his motorcycle see how it handles rendering the frames moment of truth Wow look at that they've got fluid the the gameplay is guys not a single stutter once you get to a new area and once the map starts loading you might get some slight micro stutters as you guys can see but overall very smooth no major complaints at all not bad yeah medium settings pub G anywhere from 60 70 FPS not bad if you guys want to play in high settings you might dip down to 50s maybe even high 40s but if you guys want to game over 60 FPS medium settings is the way to go for pipe G alright moving on to the next game my next game is gonna be the Tom Clancy Ghost Recon wildlands this one actually at the lower the settings down to medium or not even medium low to achieve well over 60 fps and honestly guys even in low settings this game looks pretty damn good so low settings will get you in the high 60s low 70s and wildlands so that's actually not bad I do see the frames dip a little bit towards the low 60s like I saw a dip to 60 maybe even 61 but consistently it stays our Jesus but consistently we're getting anywhere from the mid 60s to low 70s so it's not bad 98% usage for the GPU and 100% usage for the CPU Wow okay yeah I'm not bad enter from 60 to 80 FPS on Ghost Recon wildlands so yeah guys that is what a $450 gaming PC looks like I was actually very impressed with the performance I was expecting around 50 FPS maybe medium settings or something but the fact that this thing can push over 60 fps and high settings across most of the games that we tested it was just unbelievable at g45 60 and the 1050 Ti from EVGA is a solid combo and I'm very pleased with the performance and the fact that it was so quiet this entire time guys I'm speechless what can I say oh yeah guys if you enjoy the video and want to see more budget build on the channel feel free to toss a like the holidays are coming up so I will focus on more budget builds on the channel instead of the high end builds that I usually do if you guys didn't like the video please hit that dislike button and leave me your constructive criticism any comments section down below and also let me know what do you guys think about this PC
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