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$450 Budget Gaming PC Build - December

what's up guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to the gaming PC build for the month of December meet Vaporeon the $450 budget gaming pc and like all my budget bills there will be a how to build guide for anyone that wants to buy the parts and build one for themselves if you're looking for the best gaming PC for the holidays that cost around 450 bucks then this is it you can find all the parts used in this build linked down below we have an AMD athlon x4 860 K quad-core processor which I ended up overclocking to 4.2 gigahertz using the stock cooler for the motherboard I choose the gigabyte f2 a 8 8 X M and also picked up 80 gigabytes of g.skill sniper RAM at 1866 megahertz we also have a sapphire r9 270x GPU and one terabyte of hard drive space from Seagate powering all of these components is the 500 watt power supply from EVGA and everything is packed inside the fractal core 1000 case for the finest back bench market scored a five thousand thirty eight and for rendering speeds and managed to render a Roth or K video file using these settings in just 10 minutes and 41 seconds you can find the raw video I use for the rendering test along with the additional benchmarks CPU and GPU temps all in my google drive and I'll leave a link down below for you guys also for those wondering this is how quiet it sounds when it's on idle and this is how loud it is while gaming now then let's take a look at some gaming benchmarks shall we you you you check it out jackée so there you have it the ultimate budget gaming PC for the month of December as always leaving a like on the video goes a long way to show your support for the series and I can continue doing these every single month also make sure to stick around for the how to build guide coming out in a few weeks and also follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you guys want some sneak peeks on my next ultimate gaming PC which I have already started gathering the parts for but anyways thank you guys so much for watching as always and I will see you in the next video
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