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$450 Gaming PC Giveaway x3 | CANDID App

what's up guys it's effin sex toys and I'm proud ploud proud to now what's up guys it's effin sex toys and I'm proud to announce that I've teamed up with candid once again to give away three gaming pcs to three lucky subscribers and more info on that later in this video so make sure you stick around the stop is really cool I talked a lot about last time but for those of you who are recently joining in candid is basically an app that lets you discuss your favorite topics anonymously with friends and strangers no one knows who you are on the app guys your name your age where you're from every time you post something or respond to a comment basically new fictitious name is created just for you so you can basically be yourself and not have to worry about it there's a lot of really cool groups that you can join and participate in for example we got some from love and relationships to cars and even PC gaming which I'm sure a lot of guys are into you can literally search your topic and I'm pretty sure there will be a group just for that so one of my favorite groups that I follow is breakup text don't ask me why I follow it but every time I'm bored I you scroll through it and I read people's breakup text and I come across some stories like this one for example my last girlfriend invited me to hang out at her place and all her friends were there she broke up with me in front of all of them feels on that one obviously I'm following PC bills as well because I me know a thing or two about building them you know nothing nothing too much but it's actually a lot of people on there asking about PC bills and even posting their own rigs on here which is pretty cool and this is one group called vent where they basically just complain and vent about stuff I recently joined a group because I like I don't know why it's like reading people complain about stuff I there's one person wrote down you ever loved someone but want to break their neck at the same time that's a bit extreme though I mean I would I wouldn't break their neck I would probably just set them on fire or something and then of course you got my own group which I created last time which is called tech stores and is actually a lot of you got well we have 14,000 members in here already but anyways you guys are always posting dankmemes on there and posting things about setups and questions about tech even PC bills even posting your own PC bill down here so it's pretty cool to actually see that a thread is that active and actually participate in there sometimes obviously you guys will never notice me because of all the anonymous posting but oh yeah guys it's a really cool app it's really different than others that's kind of why I really like it because of the anonymous factor of it there's a lot of other social media platforms out there I mean got Instagram Twitter and even red where you can post things and respond but those aren't really anonymous you know you have one account and people can always see who you respond to and we reply so kinda just it's completely different with compared to canned and that's why I really like this because of the anonymous factor it's basically freedom of speech you can write whatever you want with that worry about what people are going to think or stay basically I so now let's talk about the giveaway instructions are very easy I'll also leave them down below so you want to follow so first you got to do is leave a like on the video number to post a picture of your PC whether it's a laptop custom build or pre build whatever it is take a picture of your PC make sure it's in at least peace and quality and post it on my text or screw in the candid app with your Twitter handle that way if you do in I know where to find your basic reasons everyone's account is anonymous I need to know how to find you guys and the final step is to obviously follow the text source group on candid and now there are several tech stores groups on there so make sure you guys are following the actual wheel one because there's a lot of fan made ones this one has obviously 14,000 members so it's really hard to miss that's the only one with that and it also has my set ups back without background so my setup background as the avatar or profile pic so it's really easy to spot this giveaway is global so no matter where you live in this world you are eligible to enter and the winner will be announced on April 15th on my Twitter account of course so make sure you follow me there it's basically a yeah 3pcs respects our links down below if you guys want to check it out huge things to Canada for reaching out and sponsoring this video as well as the giveaway thank you guys so much best of luck may the force be with you and also may be odds be ever in your favor and I see that right on even now thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video peace
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