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$4500 Ultimate Water Cooled PC | April 2017

ladies and gentlemen the video we have all been waiting for the completion of Electra box my first water-cooled custom PC on tech source now if you guys have been following the build log at all then you know how much sweat and tears and suffering went into building this thing but alas after four months seriously almost four months it's finally complete when I started the build originally the 77 GK and GTX 1080p I would not even announce hence why I was stuck with the 6700 K and 2 GTX 1080s in SLI I do want to give a huge thanks to mod my mods for supplying me with all the alpha cool water cooling parts because honestly without their support this build would not even be possible I'll go to drop a link to their website down below they pretty much have everything you possibly need for any water-cooled PC and also as the thanks are actually given six percent off their entire website using the code text source I believe and I'll leave that down below as well also they're actually doing a giveaway on their anti-static maps that I've been using for this build since the beginning and all you guys have to do is let me know the comments section if you're interested in winning that and I'll randomly picks the one next week but anyways back to the build so we also got 16 gigs of Triton Z RAM sticks from g.skill which go beautifully with the build and the EVGA z170 FTW classified k motherboard since i'm going to get rid of this pc i didn't put much storage on here other than a 500 gigabyte SSD just so I can run some benchmarks on it powering this beast is a 1,000 watt power supply from EVGA and the case that I went with was the Lian Li PCO 9 which may seem like a giant case but honestly I had a lot of clearance issues I wasn't able to fit a second radiator in here and I had issues installing the first three sixty millimeter rad that I received unfortunately I was forced to go with a single rad but had to switch to a different design so it would fit in the top neo Sesay I wouldn't recommend this case for water cooling with the giant footprint I expected lots of room to work with but sadly this wasn't the case I did do some slide model the PC as well I used some black electrical tape to cover up all the ugly blue alpha cool logos that were on the GPU blocks the pump bracket and even the radiator itself of course I had to put in the usual boss ass looking back plates for my boys at v1 Tech and they're also kind enough to throw in a few grills to cover up the fans as you can see I kind of stayed consistent with the Nvidia claw overall the build came out beautiful and I'm 100% satisfied I mean I'd rather take a few extra months to make my first ever water-cooled PC turned out perfect rather than make a water-cooled PC that not only doesn't turn on but also leaks just saying I was want to give a huge shout out to insource mods for being so clutch and sending me these amazing custom cables literally one day after I ran into some issues with the ones I was originally using that's definitely the last time I'm working with a small cable company I mean the frustration had to go through was just if you guys are into cable porn or just looking at some really sick modded PCs make sure to follow Joey at in source mods I'll leave this Instagram account somewhere on the screen and also link below check him out guys so despite having only one radiator the temps are actually not that bad I even overclocked my 6700 K to 4.6 gigahertz at 1.3 5 volts and it barely hit 44 degrees on max load so everyone that's been grilling me about temps you can calm down now same goes with the GPU the top one maxing out at 49 degrees while the bottom one maxes out at 46 and just to give you guys a comparison these cards hit up to 80 degrees on their stock fans could I have gone better temps using a second radiator absolutely but honestly my position I'm not complaining it's kind of pointless benchmarking this PC since you can already tell how it would perform but let's just say I was able to run almost every game in 4k resolution maxed out like butter and I'm talking about that vegan butter that doesn't have to be in the freezer getting frames well over 60 with no stutter or lag this machine is a beast so now that I know how to build a water-cooled PC you guys can expect more of these and then your future hopefully you won't take months to complete so if you excited and want to see more make sure to leave a like and let me know what color scheme you guys want to check out or want to see in my next water cool project let me know in the comments section below as always we give huge thanks to everyone who made this video possible drop a link to all the parts used in the build below I love you guys I'll see you in the next video
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