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$4600 Gaming Origin PC | GENESIS Review

the Genesis is made for a customer who wants the best origin PC has to offer it's a full Tower chassis and sits at the top of the price list when looking at the company's other offerings the model I have here is specs out with an ASUS Maximus motherboard I 750 700 K CPU and 2 GTX 1080s in sli as you'd expect with hardware like this performance is insane so instead of just talking about how fast this computer is I set up to see if it was worth what Origin PC was charging making a very comparable PC on Newegg was very easy as most of the components were brand named besides the Origin PC CPU cooler and chassis which are exclusively there's total with shipping and tax in California came out to around $3,500 on new egg give or take that puts the premium origin charges at about a thousand dollars and yeah that is a lot so let's see what we get in return the sheer size of this computer is massive calling it a full Tower does that no justice the added height comes from the expansion Bay located at the bottom and it is basically its own separate area that can house either two three sixty millimeter radiators for a ridiculous water cooling setup or you can even fit 24 2.5 inch hard drives yes I did say 24 the case is very robust its steel construction gives it a strong rigidity but of course the overall weight of a PC is pretty hefty so if you guys are looking for a more mobile or compact solution this probably isn't for you there's plenty of connectivity at the front which for USB 3s a reset and power switch you got the fan mode and speed controls as well as individual audio jacks the side panel of course has a clear window to show off what you've got inside and taking it off is very easy with the switch located near the back the paint job on the inside is new and you can actually opt for red or white paint you can even have Origin PC give your computer a custom paint job to any color or even design which is pretty damn awesome just like every new product coming out this too has RGB which honestly I feel like is the new standard aside from being able to control the lights from either the software or included control you can also download an app on either Android or iOS I have no idea why anyone would want to use this especially if they're away from that but I guess it's still nice to have so Before we jump into this video I want to give huge thanks to graphic stocks for making this video possible graphic stock of course has the largest unlimited download library for graphics photos vectors and images on the internet but over 300,000 of them to choose from whether you are creating a website for your business a banner for your YouTube channel or you are simply a content creator and you can definitely take advantage of what they have to offer right now you can sign up for a 7-day free trial which also gives you access to 140 pieces of content for free and you can also sign up for their annual plan which is only $99 for the entire year guys most websites charge as much as $30 per image which is ridiculous but with graphics talk you get unlimited downloads with your membership also everything comes with a hundred percent royalty free agreement which means that you won't have to deal with copyright claims seriously guys this is an awesome deal and it's only available to my subscribers so make sure you guys visit gråvik's dot-com slash YouTube or click on the link down below so we got the standard set up inside the case but you do have the option of mounting the motherboard in four different orientations you got the standard 90 degrees inverted or even 90 degrees inverted that's definitely nice of origin PC to include this option in case some people want their PC is located on the left side of their desk one of my favorite parts of this case is the 5 hot-swap Bay located behind the front door you definitely can appreciate this if you're a content creator like me and use ridiculous amounts of drives I didn't mention previously that aside from the hard drive and SSD in here I also got an M that to drive which I'm sure lotta guys know offers some insane transfer speeds I was also surprised by the lack of software that comes pre-installed in these which is awesome by the way all you get aside from the RGB software is a subsonic suite and the EVGA precision X software which I would have installed anyways I personally hate it when a bunch of pcs come with a necessary software and a bunch of bloat where would you end up uninstalling anyway so I'm gonna give a huge props to origin PC for knowing their market very well so I believe the magenta serves as my main computer for the past two weeks now and it's been handling everything I throw at it and let me remind you guys that I'm a very heavy user so with that said let's get into the benchmarks this is one of the few machines that I've tested that can run Metro last light at 4k resolution with an average above 60 fps and that speaks for itself I mean let's be real to 1080 s is a bit overkill and it will practically handle anything you throw at it in 4k resolution but what about people who need a computer for work like editing videos well for the editing portion of the test I put a single 4k video on my timeline in premiere and it was rendered in h.264 with max deft and render quality selected also include the original clip used down below so you guys can compare these numbers to your machines if you guys want to see the differences as expected with the horrendous optimizations done by Adobe Premiere it pretty much runs about the same when compared to another machine with dual 10 70s it's a shame that Premiere and other editing programs can't take advantage of the full power of this machine the 6700 K does just fine but if you need more juice for multi-threaded applications I would obviously go for more cores thankfully origin PC has options to upgrade the CPU to even a 69 50 X which is a 10 core processor the chassis has no sound dampening materials views and because of this the PC gets loud during full load in fact here they listen so what are the advantages of buying from origin PC versus another company or completely building your very own custom PC well besides getting the exclusive case only available from origin PC you also get access to the different warranties the basic warranty that comes with all their PCs includes a lifetime of 24/7 us-based tech phone support you get also lifetime free labor and a one-year part replacement the lifetime free labor covers any upgrades you want to make to the PC in the near future let's say for example three years down the line you want to upgrade your motherboard or CPU or really go with a completely different chipset then all you have to do is send your PC to them and they'll go and do the work for you just for the cost of the parts you can also extend the one-year warranty to three years and with this you get access to their evolved program for just $50 this allows you to return your computer components for credit equal to the current market value and that goes towards the new part then they would of course install the parts do the rigorous stress test and it will send the PC back to you without charging any labor if you don't mind spending the extra money you really do get some great services included with your purchase the PC world is definitely a scary place I've had my fair share of problems you might build a custom PC yourself and it runs fine but after a few months down the line it starts breaking down there's only had those experiences myself so what origin PC is offering over here is peace of mind and I feel like you can't really put a price tag on that but that will do it for my review of the Genesis from origin PC if you guys want to check out this same configuration make sure to visit the link down below and if this is a bit too much for you make sure to check out some of their other desktop pcs as well they do have different budgets for you guys then guys so much for watching I'm gonna give you huge dang stores in PC for setting this out for review I love you guys and I'll see you in the next video so Origin PC is building a $10,000 one-of-a-kind custom gaming rig and they want to give you guys a chance at winning one all you guys have to do to enter this giveaway is vote for them on Twitter by posting this message my hash tag Intel rig challenge votes with at Origin PC I didn't put it down below in case you guys want to copy and paste it as well and you can actually vote daily so we have to do is copy and paste the message posted on your Twitter account every single day until March 11th that is when the contest ends so you have so much for watching I'm gonna give you huge things to Origin PC for setting up this gaming rig and making this video possible thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you in the next video you
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