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$470 Budget PC Battle - Which is Better?

hey guys real quickly I want to share this awesome deal on the office 2016 CD key right now you can pick it up for only $35 but if you guys use the code TSS 2 you get an extra 10% off I'll drop a link below if you want to check it out what's happening guys Apotex horas welcome to the highly requested follow up video of the intel budget PC that I built a few weeks back on the channel a lot of us were and myself included was very shocked at how much performance we were able to squeeze out from a sub $500 budget PC over 60 fps across most triple-a titles in high settings no stutter no lag fluid gameplay all while the PC remained dead silent and if you guys don't believe me make sure to check out the benchmark video where you can see the actual gameplay and all the stats and numbers I will link that below so the reason why I'm here making this video is because a lot of you requested to see an AMD version of this exact same PC maybe they have something against Intel or maybe they just want to see if a similar price AMD system would perform better but yeah that is why I'm here this is exact same PC that I used in that video I haven't touched it just yet but I'm gonna be swapping out some parts to convert it into an AMD build like the motherboard a CPU and some RAM so the cpu we're going with is the Athlon 200 and GE this is also a dual-core processor with 4 threads and it cost about the same as the G 45 60 but add you could have gamma performance if you want with the 2200 g or if you went with the risin 1200 zip it in the comment section do you guys please I know how it works obviously you spend more money you get more performance the point of this video is to compare apples and oranges I have to compare apples with apples that's what I meant to say the point of this video is to compare two similar price pcs to see which one would perform better thus giving you more bang for your buck so the motherboard we are using is the MSI B 450m Pro m2 it supports overclocking and it's compatible with all rising ships from first gen all the way to second which makes the AMD system more attractable because of expandability let's say later on the line you want to upgrade your CPU to a risin chip and you want to overclock that well this board has you covered you don't have to go out there and buy a new board just for that it also supports higher RAM speeds which is why I picked up twenty eight hundred megahertz rated Ram sticks and it cost only seven dollars more than the RAM from the Intel build so not a huge difference in price actually as I'm making this video today both systems cost the same however prices do fluctuate everyday and I know you're probably thinking IDI that's not really fair dude you're using 2200 megahertz RAM in the AMD system while the Intel build only had twenty four hundred megahertz and here's my response to that so the Intel system unfortunately the maximum RAM supported was only 2400 megahertz and that's because of the G 4560 I couldn't go anything higher than that if I did it would have been a waste of money and the RAM would have under clocked itself so there was no point in doing that I'm also aware of the fact that the 200 GE supports up to 26 66 megahertz but the price difference between that and the 2800 megahertz was the same so it just made sense to pick this up instead it's also great for future proofing because let's say we do swap the CPU to a risin chip later down the line it's gonna support all twenty eight hundred megahertz on these so yeah that's why I picked it up but ya guys everything else is pretty much the same inside the PC we're still using the same case the same power supply and the same graphics card so it's going to put these in here and see if the ME system performs better than the Intel and if it does by how much all right so the results are in and it's actually surprising it appears that the Intel build performs noticeably better than the AMD build despite it using lower frequency Ram the total frames from the Intel build came out to be 600 over AMD's 5:29 which means the Intel build is 12% faster I think the biggest difference between these two systems aside from the performance is expandability with the AMD system you can upgrade the CPU up to a risin 7 and you get faster RAM support up to 34 66 megahertz because the motherboard supports it now on the Intel build you're pretty much stuck with locked processors because the B 250m board that we used in that PC doesn't support overclocking and it doesn't support any Ram over 2400 megahertz so you pretty much stuck to that so let's say later down the line even if you do upgrade your CPU to an i7 7700 you can't really pair that with fast Ram you're pretty much stuck with 2400 megahertz or less so the real question you got to ask yourself if you're deciding between these two budget pcs is what's more important to you the extra 12 percent performance in games while losing out on expandability or going with slightly less performance but with expandability however there is an alternate option for those of you that want the best of both worlds if you guys are using the Intel system all you have to do is swap out this motherboard with a z2 70 board which will cost you only $30 more but it will give you tons of room for expandability I would personally go with the gigabyte gaz 270 XP which supports overclocking you get faster RAM support as well and it goes for around $80 if you want something more compact for an ITX build go with the azrog z2 70 m for just $50 more which has built-in wireless AC I mean all these are really great options but honestly it just comes down to what your budget is and what your preference is I looking to build a cheap budget PC to game over 60 fps and then now alright looking for something more long-term what future upgrades later down the line but let me know what you guys think about both of these pcs and if you were to pick one which one would you go with the intel or the AMD with future upgrades or maybe the intel with the z 270 board that way it's more future proof but anyways let me know what your choice is in the comment section because I might just randomly pick a comments and give him or her that PC it is gonna be a global giveaway I'll announce the winners on Black Friday on my Twitter account to make sure you guys are following me or check back on that day to see who won the PC it's kind of a secret giveaway only the people who stuck around to the end of this video with know about it do not mention anything about the giveaway in the comment section otherwise you will be excluded do not mention giveaway anyways but guys things again so much for watching I hope you guys enjoy these types of videos if you did dropping a like would mean the world to me and I will see you guys in the next one
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