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5 Reasons NOT to buy HTC ONE M9

so you're thinking of switching to the HTC One m9 or perhaps you're thinking of upgrading from your m8 well this is that from Texas and I'm going to give you five reasons why you should hold off on getting the HTC One m9 all right so before I start this video I want you guys to know that everything I say here reflects to the HTC One m9 at this point in time in the future there might be updates to fix some of the problems that I mentioned in this video so it's not 5 reasons you shouldn't buy the m9 it's more of a 5 reasons why you should hold off on buying the m9 so reason number 5 is that it's just too early in the smartphone season to buy the m9 this was the first flagship smartphone to be released this year and there are plenty of other options that might better suit you there might be even a larger display m9 there's also the g4 coming up the galaxy s6 D flex 2 maybe we will see phones from Sony and oneplus one mid year so it's a really good reason to weigh all your options instead of taking a plunge and locking yourself into another year or two years for some on the smartphone you're going to regret next reason I have has to do with it's running temperatures now before it's bug fix the m9 ran up to temperatures of triple digits when running benchmarks well even though that was fixed the phone still gets hot after about half an hour of use which is a lot warmer than any smartphone that I have used before so if you're a smartphone gamer and play graphic intensive games like asphalt 8 daily then this is something you definitely need to consider before buying the m9 unless of course you are planning on buying a case for it the third reason is the design and I'm gonna be picking on the m9 a little bit because I feel like they didn't put in enough effort and that they rush the phone I mean the phone looks like an exact replica of the m8 this phone should have been the m8 S or something equivalent really nothing has changed from the design except the back and slight changes to the curves it still feels very 2014 if you ask me along with the design I find that the display is lacking as well I would have loved to see a slightly bigger screen real estate on the m9 and one of the ways they could have achieved this was to make the bezels slightly smaller now I know there has to be space for the top and bottom for the boomsound speakers but I'm sure they could have made this happen I would have even been happier to see a slightly larger phone in order to achieve this also while I'm a topic of displays they kept the same display as last year a 1080p 441 pixel per inch LCD 3 screen now I'm not asking for a 2 case since I personally think it's overkill but at least a screen with more pixels would have been nicer the fourth reason not to buy the m9 is because of its horrible battery performance despite having a larger battery than last year the m9 has even worse battery life performance according to foreign Arena the m8 will give you approximately 7 hours and 12 minutes of typical real-life usage whereas the m9 gives you only 6 hours and 25 minutes on top of that the battery benchmark tests I ran between the m9 and m8 proved this to be true with the m9 being drained hours before the m8 when you buy a next version of a phone you're supposed to be technically upgrading not downgrading the fifth and final reason not to upgrade and I'm sure you guys already know what it is it's the camera yes HTC has definitely gained the spotlight for having a downgraded camera I don't think there's been any other company out there to achieve such an accomplishment they got rid of their dual camera and replaced it with a single 20.7 megapixel camera with horrendous low-light performance in my camera comparison between both of the phones the m8 actually did a much better job than the m9 when it came to low-light performance and it had better stabilization as well the only thing the m9 was good at was daytime pics and selfies so there you have it my five reasons why you shouldn't upgrade to the m9 or should I say downgrade honestly for the price performance there are a lot of other amazing smartphones out there that you can buy that will be worth your money and just to name a few we have the z3 the note 4 galaxy s6 1+1 and even the iPhone 6 are all great options then the m9 currently anyways let me know what you guys think about my reasons if you agree leave a like if you disagree leave a dislike and let me know if there are any reasons I missed in the video of not to buy the m9 those of you that are a huge fan of HTC give me five reasons why you think you should buy the m9 and I'll make a video on that next anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video
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