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5 Reasons Why The Galaxy S6 SUCKS

our coverage for the galaxy s6 and HTC One m9 is sponsored by cell cashier com they can pair iPhone prices on the internet and give you a quick quote and the most cash for your iPhone what's up guys it's ed back again from tech source and in this video I'm simply gonna give you five reasons why the galaxy s6 sucks now before you hit the dislike button I'm not bashing the phone at all in fact I think that the s6 is by far the best smartphone currently out and this is basically a video illustrating five areas where the galaxy s6 is lacking and could use some improvement again this is my opinion and some of these reasons may be irrelevant to you so to start things off I'm gonna mention the obvious things that bother me like the expansion slot a lot of people may not end up using a lot of space on their phone but I'm certainly not one of them not only will the price be lower but there'll also be an option to expand up to an additional 128 gigabytes of space right now there are 128 gigabyte SD cards that go for around 50 bucks and I feel that this would have been a much better option this way I get as much space as I want without paying a higher price for the phone waterproof capability would be reason number two and one of the reasons why I love my z3 so much is because I can take it with me to the pool I like the attention I get when I'm swimming with my smartphone everyone looks at me like I'm crazy but that's besides the point the s5 was waterproof and I would have very much like Samsung to have kept that feature not only does it offer the phone protection in the case that it comes in contact with water but it's actually a really nice feature to have for people like me who enjoy the water reason number three is the speaker quality Samsung actually improved their speakers from last year's model not only do they bring the speaker from the back side to the bottom of the phone but the sound quality has also improved however it's still not on the face of the phone I prefer speakers to be on the front of the device like how the m9 or the Xperia z3 is and let me explain why when I hold my phone I always hold it from the sides when I'm playing games or even watching videos or movies in my bed at night right before I go to sleep well because the speakers are located on the side of the phone my fingers tend to block it thus interfering with the audio quality which is why I'm forced to wear my earphones every time I play and that just gets annoying really fast and dynamic action sink reason number two is the screen size again this is a personal choice I love the 1440p display as I mentioned in my earlier videos I think that 2k is overkill for a smartphone so the 1440 and 2560 resolution hits the spot and it's a gorgeous display at that I just wish Samsung made a larger display version of their az6 now I'm not talking about a six-inch screen like the Nexus 6 I would have loved to see a 5.4 even a 5.5 inch display like the iPhone 6 plus I always thought that bigger screens weren't comfortable and I started using the six plus four over a week and I absolutely loved it ever since then I can't go back to a smaller screen so that's another reason why I don't like the s6 the last and final reason is because of its UI it still TouchWiz and despite it being 40% lighter I still don't like the look and feel of it and neither do a lot of people regardless of everything else I said in the video I would be using the galaxy s6 as my main driver right now if it wasn't for the UI and the screen size I really wish that Samsung does a complete redesign of the galaxy lineup but again that's just me my all-time favorite Android skins however starting at number one would be the Xperia skin followed by the stock Android and lastly the LG skin I would have prefered either one of those instead of TouchWiz and the galaxy s6 would have been my main driver oh and a bigger screen of course anyways that's it for the video those are my five reasons why the galaxy s6 sucks let me know what you guys think about my reasons in the comments section down below more importantly what do you guys think about the s6 what are some things that you don't like about the smartphone let me know by dropping your thoughts down below and I will be reading all of them if you enjoy the video please hit that like button if you didn't you can dislike and make sure you guys are subscribed for more content like this thanks again for watching this is Edie from tech source and I will see you guys in the next video so before I go I wanted to share an awesome website which you guys sell cashier comm is a site where you can sell your iPhone for the highest dollar amount they purchase iPhones from all major US carriers and currently only operate in the United States they purchase all of these iPhone models that you see on this page from all the popular carriers even unlocked phones to get a quick quote you just simply pick your iPhone model carrier size and kane' have your 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