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5 Reasons iPhone 6 is Better than Galaxy S6

our coverage for the galaxy s6 and HTC One m9 that's sponsored by cell cashier com they compare iPhone prices on the internet and give you a quick quote and the most cash for your iPhone what's up guys it's I from tech source and in this video I will be giving you five solid reasons why the iPhone 6 plus is better than the Galaxy S six now if you missed my previous video on 10 reasons why the Galaxy S six is better than the iPhone 6 then I will leave a link to that in the description section down below so the first reason why the 6 plus is better than the Galaxy at 6 is because of iMessage now for those of you that have used iMessage before then you know what I'm talking about but I message is such a great feature on the iPhone and mainly people got so used to it that they don't want to switch to an Android phone because of it it makes texting and sending pictures videos and even voice messages really easy and quickly no matter what carrier both the iPhones are on not only do you not need to have any data on your iPhone but you can also send messages from any Apple device including their tablets and computers second reason is that Apple continuously pushes updates unlike Android updates which tend to happen months later iOS updates are almost immediate and consistent to give you the best possible user experience third reason is app optimization there is no denying that the iPhone has the best optimization when it comes to apps they want very smoothly and efficiently compared to most Android phones there are rarely any lag or crashes associated when playing games or even using the apps the fourth reason is that the iPhone 6 has slow motion at 240 FPS compared to the galaxy s6 which is only at 120 fps there is no other smartphone out there with this feature and I think it's something definitely nice to have the fifth and final reason is accessories now whether you like to admit it or not but the iPhone is the most popular phone out there and because of that there are lots of accessories available for them from cases to gadgets and even third-party equipment will be available on the iPhone before it's available on any other Android device well there you have it five reasons why the iPhone 6 is better than the Galaxy S six if you agree with my reasons then please hit that like button if you didn't feel free to dislike and let me know why by dropping a comment down below once again thanks for watching this is it from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video so before I go I wanted to share an awesome website with you guys cell cashier comm is a site where you can sell your iPhone for the highest dollar amount they purchase iPhones from all major US carriers and currently only operate in the United States they purchase all of these iPhone models that you see on this page from all the popular carriers even unlocked phones to get a quick quote you just simply pick your iPhone model carrier size and condition of your iPhone and the quote will immediately display if you like the quote then you can just add it to your cart and checkout they will even send you a prepaid label and a box for free you can also choose how you want to be paid they can either send you a check or you can get paid directly from PayPal so if you want to sell your iPhone don't go anywhere else because cell cashier will give you the most cash for your iPhone also make sure to check out their website for updated prices once again thanks for watching I'll see you next time
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