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5 Smartphone Giveaway [CLOSED]

what's up guys it's at back again from Texas I hope everyone is doing well and i'm bringing you guys another giveaway so I came up with ash from c40 tech and a few other youtubers to make this giveaway possible and each of us are going to be giving away one smartphone to five lucky individuals and you guys can find the details for that linked down below on what you need to do to enter so I'm gonna be giving away my personal HTC One m9 smartphone which is skin by D brands and then we got ash from c4e tech giving away you sell me the answer you say Sammy mi 4c 32-gigabyte smartphone and then we have Matt Schafer from ms tech giving away your Nexus 5x and also a moto x style from explore gadgets and ate a key one 3d holographic smartphone from super Seth the giveaway will end on the thirtieth of this month and I will announce the winners on Twitter so make sure you guys are following me care also this giveaway is international so no matter where you are in the world you are eligible to enter I also want to give a huge thanks to gossip it for making my end of the giveaway possible class pic is basically a free extension for your web browser that transforms the right-hand side of your google search results into a new platform where users or companies can connect with each other around topics they are searching on google it's a pretty cool extension and an easy way to look up stuff instead of hopping from forum to forum if you guys want to check it out i'll go to drop a link to it down below once again thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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