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$500 Budget Gaming PC | October 2016

if you've been wanting to build a solid budget gaming PC and only have 500 bucks in your pocket well you came to the right place at the time of making this video this entire build cost four hundred ninety seven dollars and 42 cents and it is the best budget gaming PC that you can build for under $500 currently in fact I will be doing a build guide for this exact same PC along with a Windows installation guide and actually if the video is done I will link it down below along with all the parts used in this PC build speaking of parts I went with the i3 6100 skylake processor even though it's labeled as a dual core it kind of acts as a quad core thanks to hyper threading if they try to keep the cost down so I didn't pick up an aftermarket cooler or a z170 motherboard I mean after all the CPU is locked anyways I picked up the AC Wi-Fi edition of the asrock h1 TM n because for only $60 this board comes with some pretty nice features 32 gigabyte ddr4 support mini ITX form factor onboard USB 3 4 front panel connections and most importantly it has a built-in Wi-Fi module so you can connect it to the internet without buying any additional adapters I did go with only one stick of 8 gigs of ram so that there is a room for an extra eight gigs later down the line you can also upgrade the CPU to an i5 6465 or even a 6600 in the near future for storage I decided to skip hard drives altogether and put in a single SSD from silicon power which is one of the most affordable 240 gigabyte SSDs you can buy for around 50 bucks it just makes sense to use an SSD as your main drive however there are three additional setup ports on the motherboard for three more storage devices in my case I added a 1 terabyte hard drive as well although it's not included in the build price since I had a budget of only $500 I had to pick the best GPU for the money and after countless research and looking at benchmarks the asus strix RX 460 was the obvious choice and i was not disappointed with its performance which you guys will see soon enough housing all the parts is the Thermaltake core v1 mini ITX tower once again but this time i went with the color black as i have used the white version previously for Ice Cube which was actually a 6 gaming PC finally powering up the build is a 430 watt power supply from EVGA which is enough to juice up this entire configuration even if you managed to upgrade a CPU to an i7 6700 with an RX 480 this PSU will still be plenty the PC is also fairly cool in terms of temps which is surprising since there is no aftermarket cooler or any extra case fans the CPU peaks at 62 degrees on full load while the GPU maxes out at 66 degrees during overclock mode it's also pretty quiet during full load and here's what it sounds like while gaming for the fire schwag benchmark it pretty much ties with volt which is the $550 gaming PC I did for April however it doesn't stand a chance against Ice Cube which was the $600 build rocking the r9 380 which performs much better than the rx 460 looking at rendering times it's no surprise that it falls behind after all it is a dual core processor and using this PC for editing is not recommended surprisingly it did better than to the pcs on the chart so I guess it's not that bad and finally here are the gaming benchmarks please note that all these benchmarks were done three times per game and also the settings were set to high and the resolution is 1080p I hope you guys enjoy so they have a guy some very impressive numbers for dark cube who would have thought you can game over 60 FPS at high settings using a 6100 dual-core processor as always there will be a build guide for this exact same PC in case you guys want a step-by-step guide on how to build a dark cube for yourselves this also included Windows installation guide as well if the video is ready I'll link it down below along with all the parts I mentioned in this video if you guys enjoy these monthly PC bills be sure to leave a like it really does help me and help out the channel I ton thing guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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