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$500 Gaming PC - ZION - Jan 2015 (Giveaway)

you what's up guys it's ed from Texas and welcome to another PC project we asked and you guys voted on Twitter to see a five hundred dollar gaming budget build so here it is in this video we will be going over all the parts we selected all so make sure you guys stay till the end of the video for a special announcement so with that said let's start with the case here are some specifications on the side for those of you that are interested and also all the parts showed in this video will be listed in the description section down below our paths to ultimate gaming pcs have always been inside NZXT cases and it isn't surprising that we went with another NZXT case for our budget gaming pc i just personally love their case designs and the prices are great too so I went with the source 210 mid tower case because it looks really clean and a white case is pretty attractive for a tower instead of the regular boring black look so the source 210 is a mid tower and we didn't go with a mini ATX case this time around because we wanted some extra space for future expandability although the case itself is pretty small anyways on the front you have your audio ports and two USB 3.0 slots along with three DVD drive slots however for this build we aren't going to be installing any disk drives looking inside the case there's actually plenty of room for all of our parts and more definitely space for more storage if needed in the future next up we got the motherboard we chose the Asus m5 a 97 because it fits all of our requirements and it comes with just the essentials we need for a gaming PC you really don't need a ton of extra features that you probably won't even need especially when you're on a budget we feel that this model is the best possible selection out of any other motherboard currently out the board also has a 2 SP ports two of which are 3.0 and it has 4 Express slots and two additional regular PCI slots it also has 4 Ram slots which can support up to 32 gigabytes and 20 133 megahertz of memory speed for the graphics card we went with the ACE suits r9 270 and it's probably the best bang for your buck graphics card you can buy at the moment which made it the obvious choice for our gaming budget build the overclocked r9 270 should handle most games at medium to high settings without any problems and it's custom asus cooling system will keep it nice and cool and relatively quiet you also get the usual DVI and VGA ports along with one standard HDMI na this I port if you feel like connecting the PC to a 4k monitor moving on to RAM you can't go wrong with g.skill RAM sticks because they are notorious for being low priced and very reliable making it an easy choice for budget builds we went with two sticks of focus bytes each clocked at 1600 megahertz of memory speed a thicker bytes of RAM will be plenty for gaming and light editing if needed now let's talk about the space we figured one terabyte is plenty for gaming and whenever the time comes to expand we can just add another terabyte to the collection with no problem remind you that this is a budget build so going with SSDs would completely defeat the purpose of this build although it would have been a very nice addition going with the budget field we had to go with an AMD processor because they offer the best price per performance you can currently buy this is currently the best processor you can purchase for this price point it does come clocked at 3.5 gigahertz stock but we are going to overclock this as close as possible to 4 gigahertz and with its 6 cores running at that speed this PC is going to run like butter the CPU does come with its very own heatsink so you don't have to purchase a separate CPU cooler now will this be enough when we overclock the CPU I think it should be fine for a slight overclocking but we will push it to its limit and see how much we can get out of it last but certainly not the least we have the power supply to power up this bad boy 500 watts is plenty for this configuration and it even has extra juice to support an extra graphics card if needed I decided going modular for an extra 5 bucks won't hurt at all since I hate cables with a passion and I want my pcs to look very clean and clutter-free had to go with coarser a brand I swear by I will never go with any other brands when it comes to the power supply because Corsair has kept me happy all my life building pcs with no problems and I always say why change things that work so well well there you have it that is all the parts that we are going to use in this build those of you that follow me on Twitter and Instagram already have seen the parts since I like to post a lot of sneak peeks and I will continue to upload pics starting today for this PC build and other stuff as well so if you guys want to follow me there you certainly can alright so that's it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it before I go I want to make some quick announcements first off this PC is going to be given away to one lucky subscriber and it's going to be an international giveaway and we will have a video with the requirements later this week so make sure you guys stick around for that I've actually partnered with two other youtubers to make this happen and all the details will be explained in the video coming up within this week so make sure you guys stick around for that the second announcement I want to make is that this PC is going to be split into three projects kind of like how I did with big red but instead of four parts is going to be only three parts part 1 will be the selection process which you've already seen part 2 will be the build process of this PC with the parts that you see here we're actually going to be doing a step-by-step instructions on how to build a species so those of you that want to actually buy the parts yourself and do it you will know exactly how to so that's gonna be part 2 and then the final part will be the actual completion of the PC and we'll be doing gaming performances and the benchmarks tests just like how I did with big red so that's all the announcements I have to make on this video if you guys enjoy this video feel free to leave a like and if you didn't you can leave it dislike and let me know your thoughts about the parts election in the comment section down below as I'm actually interested to hear what you guys think anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys in next video
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