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500k Subscriber Special | HUGE GIVEAWAY (GLOBAL)

five hundred thousand king subscribers you guys that is insanely crazy the channels growth has just been insane right now I honestly just can't believe it thank you guys so much for watching my videos thank you so much for the support I've been getting this past two-and-a-half years it's it's been phenomenal so I'm gonna bring you guys to awesome giveaways one of which has actually never been done before on the channel these key boys are sponsored by the unlocking company you guys already know who they are the other channels main sponsors without them I won't be able to do the monthly PC bills the cool tech videos and my top 5 videos so huge thanks to them for sponsoring this giveaway so the first giveaway is a monthly PC giveaway on the 30th of every single month I'll randomly select one person from the comments section and basically give them Buttram at $350 PC ID bill for February I'll be purchasing all the parts and I'll be sending them to you or whoever wins and they will be building the PC themselves to enter the monthly giveaways all you guys have to do is drop a comment and they like on either one of the two unlocking videos that I do each month being sponsored by the locking company means I do two locking videos per month on the channel as I mentioned before those videos aren't for you guys they're actually meant for people who actually search those videos so for example this month last week actually did a locking video and then I got one more locking video this Saturday the LG k7 unlocking video you guys can choose which video you want to watch and just drop a comment and a like on it and you'll automatically qualify it on the 30th of every single month I'll go and pick one of the locking videos I did for the month and I'll randomly go through the comment section and pick one winner it's basically it and I'll announce the winner on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys have following me there all right so onto my other giveaway I'll be giving away two PCs one is an Intel build and one is an AMD build both of which cost about a thousand bucks to enter all you have to do is leave a like on this video and comment down below what you enjoy watching on tech source this is for the Intel and now if you guys want an extra chance of winning or if you're interested in the AMD build you guys can watch the same exact video on my vessel account and I'll drop a link to it down below and do the same thing leave a like there and drop a comment on what you like watching on text source so the winners for those two pcs will be announced on March 15th on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins I'll also link the parts I'm going to be using for each build down below if you guys are interested in checking that out but that's basically thank you guys so much for this amazing achievement I think I like the best subscribers on YouTube you guys are awesome thank you so much and if you have any questions hit me up on Twitter and I'll see you in the next video
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