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$5300 Threadripper Gaming PC | Montage Build

this video was sponsored by LastPass and if you guys haven't heard of it by now then you are seriously missing out LastPass helps you manage and save all your passwords and login details by storing them securely in your LastPass vault which is protected by your master password I've been using them for over a year now way before they reached out to work with me and I absolutely loved it I've installed it on my Google Chrome as an extension but it's also available on your smart phone essentially how it works is once you are at a login screen of any website you can click on the LastPass logo to retrieve your login info without having to type in and manually it saves me a ton of headache not having to remember the username and password on every single website I visit it's also got other cool features like the sharing center where you can share passwords and notes to friends and family and secure notes where you can store Wi-Fi passwords membership IDs or any info you want to keep safe it's completely free so check it out I know you guys will love it as much as I do I'll drop a link to it down below you you
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