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$5300 Ultimate Gaming/Editing PC Benchmarks

what's up guys it's a from tech source and this is Jack the Ripper I have a lot to say about this PC because not only does it look awesome but it's packing some serious power I also have mixed feelings about the case so I'll be sharing my opinions on that and also gonna be diving into the gaming benchmarks temps overclocking performance and we're also gonna be looking at the productivity side of the PC because using it for only gaming is pretty stupid to be honest so grab your loop and shrap in and let us begin the video all right so this thing is packing the 1950 X which is a 16 core processor we also got 32 gigs of RGB ram from g.skill the msi x3 99 gaming Pro carbon motherboard and 2 EVGA gtx 980ti s in sli i already mentioned in a previous video why didn't go with 2 Omega 64 cards and I was simply because I couldn't get my hands on a second one so instead I decided to reunite AMD and NVIDIA into a glorious PC build so I went with to 1080i instead I was able to overclock the 1950 X to 4.0 gigahertz on just 1.25 volts thanks to the awesome cooling power of the master liquid 240 from cooler master and the overclocking capability of the MSI gaming Pro motherboard that's one of the reasons why I chose the MSI X 399 over other brands the reliability and the support for easy overclocking the extra features that came with the motherboard was a plus like RGB lighting 3d printable heatsink covers 3 turbo m2 slots with shields and you also get an Intel Wi-Fi card the cables I'm using this time are from unsourced customs and I've actually used them a few times before the thing I like the most about their cables compared to other brands as the cable clips that come pre applied and also they have a much wider selection of colors to choose from other places would have only one shade of color whereas insourced customs has actually several to choose from and that's how I was able to get a similar orange to match the rest of the build but I'll drop a link to these exact cables if you guys want to check it out the custom back plates fan grills sli bridge and the SSD covers are all from v1 tech and as always they never disappoint I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check those out as well and finally powering this entire build is a 1,000 watt power supply from EVGA which I scanned in orange dban skins to match the build alright so the case I'm using is called conquer and it's from Cougar at first glance this is a dope looking case definitely something different compared to other traditional towers in the PC market which is what makes this case stand out it's also gonna cost you $300 so already it's catering to the enthusiasts out there or people with money aside from the cool design the other things I really like about the case has the build quality and the materials couger definitely didn't cheap out it's got an all aluminum alloy frame with cnc machining for every design detail the two tempered glass panels are also a nice plus I also love the extra space and room for expandability you guys can fit up to a three and a 60 millimeter radiator up top and a two 80 millimeter radiator in the front which is awesome for water cooling you also get this tray to install one hard drive or two SSDs on and then you get two extra spaces on the actual frame to install two more hard drives or SSDs if you like ok now the things I didn't like about the case the Cougar logo on the side panel is too large I get that brands want to represent their cases but a simple logo in the front of the case would have been enough or the very least make the text smaller on the sides aesthetically it's not pleasing also the orange side frame was very difficult to remove originally I wanted to paint over that in a different shade of orange so that it stays consistent with the rest of the build but it requires a special Torx wrench which I didn't have and I was not about to waste my time trying to figure it out and buy one unfortunately I was on a time constraint for a case that was stated it was designed for mothers I expected a traditional size Torx wrench or the very least they should have included one with their case obviously guys if this was my own personal PC I would definitely take that extra time and custom paint it take it apart and do a lot stuff because you guys know how anal I get with small things like that especially for my own personal PC the fact is this piece is gonna be taken apart and stored in the Shelf so that is why I didn't spend an extra time that's also one of the reasons why I didn't use a ruler to cut straight lines for the power supply D brand scan the power supply is also in a weird spot if you want to disconnect the power cable and move your PC it's gonna be difficult reaching underneath there because there's a shroud that goes over the edge of the power supply making it difficult to reach also if you're using standard sized for the power supply cables unfortunately they're gonna be too short to reach some parts of the motherboard specifically for the CPU power and for the graphics cards fortunately I was able to select the correct cable length on insourced customs so that I got the perfect sized cable management was probably the hardest part assembly because the case doesn't come with any cutouts to help you out with instead you get a few cable clips to help you out which isn't enough so what I did was I used a channel raceway to hide majority of the cables near the top and a bunch of velcro straps to tie the rest of the cables together while maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing route for the cables I did my best to avoid overlapping cables as much as possible and I think it came out beautifully especially considering the fact that I had two GPUs and two SSDs that's a lot of extra cables to connect over all I'm off out of the case it's built really well it looks freaking awesome and it's got tons of expandability yeah this is the type of case you would buy if you want to separate your PC from the rest all right let's talk performance so first up we got firestrike benchmark scores and for some reason it keeps scoring around 23,000 and that's with the overclock I was curious so I checked the top scores with in 1950 X and the numbers are so scattered ranging from 17,000 all the way up to 30,000 I mean this guy was using two EVGA 1080 T eyes and in 1950 X just like me but he only scored 17,000 372 it has to do with drivers optimization and other factors but that's just the score I got so I'm sharing it with you guys rendering however is whereas PC really shines it's perfect for CPU intensive tasks like exporting video it's currently the fastest pc on the list rendering out a three minute 4k file in nine minutes and 29 seconds however once overclocked I was able to shave off an extra minute and a half for a total render time of 8 minutes and 2 seconds when it came to gaming honestly it did okay with to 1080 T eyes I expected higher numbers but it can handle 4k games without problem a 7700 K would have given you noticeably higher frames than the 1950 x4 GTA 5 fully maxed out I was getting around 77 FPS on average but once I overclock the CPU and both graphics cards I saw an average of 4 FPS increase max settings on doom using OpenGL got an average of 88 FPS with nice seven FPS bump after overclocking pop G was also playable over 60fps however I had to knock the settings down too high instead of ultra after overclocking I saw a nice 8 FPS boost topping the average frames to 73 on high settings Ghost Recon wildlands is a very demanding game so I had to lower the settings as well down to very high instead of ultra in order to get that 71 FPS average however even with the overclock we didn't see much gain only a 2 FPS average increase battlefield 1 saw some nice average fps and 4k gaming over 100 and maxed out settings with a tiny 2 FPS increase after overclocking temps were really great during full load even after overclocking the CPU capped at 67 degrees during full load and that's with the overclock the PC didn't experience any throttling as well however I do want to mention that I did add three extra fans near the top for a push and pull configuration however I'm certain that this didn't affect temperatures tremendously because afterwards I removed the top three fans and only saw a three degree difference it is an open-air chassis so unfortunately you are gonna hear the fan noise there isn't any noise dampening material or noise isolation so with the PC on full load you get around 55 decibels which isn't too loud but it's definitely noticeable in a quiet environment and finally let's talk overclocking so the EVGA FTW three cards come factory overclocked already so I wasn't able to push it that much I was only able to squeeze another 25 megahertz from each card and 450 mega Hertz on the memory clock pushing the card up to 19 11 megahertz on full load and 6055 megahertz on the memory clock and I pretty much wraps up this video if you guys didn't like it feel free to dislike but if you did like it please consider dropping a like to show your support because making videos like these takes weeks to plan and build and especially shoot shooting a video like this takes multiple days so dropping a simple like really shows me and tells me that you guys enjoy these types of content and I can continue doing them every single month on channel every single part used in the PC you'll be linked below thank you so much for watching as always I love your faces I will see you in the next one you
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