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55" Sony 4K Ultra HD TV (XBR-55X900A) Unbox and Overview!

what's up guys Texas back here with another unboxing this time we are doing the 55 inch 4k TV from Sony so let's get straight into this this TV is going to cost you around five thousand dollars if you do decide to pick it up this is the Sony xpr-50 5 X 900 a the 55 stands for 55 inches now this isn't a normal HD TV this sports a resolution of 3840 by 2160 way beyond the resolution of 1080p so long when it's crazy resolution this TV actually supports 3d technology which is pretty cool for those of you who like watching movies in 3d ok so let's go ahead and unbox this real quick this is one of the two versions that Sony has for the 4k TVs the 55 inch which we are currently in boxing and the 65 inch which goes for six thousand unfortunately we couldn't find the 65 inch in any of our stores close by so we went and picked this one up at our local Fry's so this TV actually comes with two remotes the one you see here is a much smaller remote with the basic functions and it's much easier to use they both come with two triple A batteries which is nice and it's always great to have two remotes in case you end up losing one so this next remote is a much larger one with a lot more buttons and I like how they included a Netflix button on there which can come in handy if your Netflix person but other than that nothing really special about these remotes both of them do the same exact thing only one of them just has more options compared to the other okay so let's get this box open there are a total of four of these white tabs in the bottom here with tubing on each side of them that we have to remove in order to slide the box up I really like how they designed this making it really easy to unbox so this TV actually has built-in speakers on each side of display each at 65 watts and there's also a subwoofer built right into the TV so this TV also comes a really nice looking bass mount if you choose not to mount it on the wall and on the back of the display we have a total four HDMI connection ports an Ethernet port which is actually optional because the TV does come with a built-in Wi-Fi we have an audio out port audio analog ports and a cable / antenna input there's not much 4k content out there so buying a 4k TV with such a high resolution as we do in a way but if you still wish to go out and buy a 4k TV there's good news Sony uses their x-reality pro engine to bring your content into 4k resolution from games to movies the software upscales your content to use full potential of that monster resolution as I mentioned earlier this TV has 3d technology so it comes with four of these awesome 3d glasses and it's designed in a way so you can use your regular glasses at the same time and it won't interfere with you watching a movie so here are a few sample pictures we found on the mtv demo unfortunately there are not much demos available for us to show you so this is the only 4k content we can display at the moment until more are eventually released I did my best to capture a still shot with my camera showing as much detail as possible so you guys can see the quality but you can't really tell because of the lens that we're using but believe me when I say that these pictures look stunning so that's a fun unboxing guys thank you so much for watching make sure you stay tuned for the future giveaways that are coming up shortly this is the tech source and I'll see you guys next time you
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