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$550 Gaming PC Build | June 2017

what's up guys that that from sex toys I'm welcome to June's PC build of the month now I've been giving Intel some love recently at this time I decided to do an all AMD budget bang for your buck build this it's a lot of words and it's actually pretty good for productivity as well since we're using a quad-core processor so with that said let's dive right in so the build will cost you around five hundred and fifty dollars and I'll be doing a step-by-step build guide for anyone that wants to buy the parts and build one for themselves we're going to be overclocking and installing windows as well so be sure to check out the build guide once it's uploaded on the channel and I'll drop a link to it below as well if it's already available so for this build I went with the r5 1400 which I managed to overclock to 3.9 gigahertz and this is a solid quad core processor for gaming and it does a pretty decent job for editing video as well compared to other quad-core CPUs which we will later see in this video unfortunately I didn't win the silicon lottery so I couldn't get it to 4.0 as much as I tried so I settled with 3.9 instead it does come with its very own stock cooler the AMD race itself and let me tell you guys this thing is silent even during full load without the side panel on this thing is virtually quiet as me typing on the keyboard fans are very quiet it also does a great job cooling the overclock 1,400 times reaching only 70 degrees during full load that's not bad this means that we don't have to buy an aftermarket cooler the motherboard choice was an easy one the asrock be 350 M pro 4 is the best choice under $100 because it offers a lot of features for the money not only do you get four dimm slots that support 64 gigs of ram up to 3200 megahertz but you also get 2 m dot 2 ports making it a perfect board for future upgrades whether it's upgrading your cpu adding more RAM or testing in an empty drive later down the line this motherboard gives you those options right now it's only going for 75 dollars on new attic and it's definitely the best bang for your buck motherboard for budget builds right now now if it does get sold out by the time you're watching this video I'll drop a link to an alternative motherboard down below for you I try to change things up and go with the Gayle RAM sticks but soon realized they went out of stock immediately so I'll drop a link below to something equivalent that cost the same we're also sticking with usual one terabyte of hard drive space from WD because honestly the value of this is really hard to beat and it's one of the reasons why I use it in most of my budget builds along with the power supply from EVGA the graphics card of choice is the gigabytes rx 560 because the new 5 Series cards have a noticeable performance increase compared to the last generation lineup and finally we got the Zelman t2 case that's packing everything inside believe it or not I was actually impressed with the quality of this case despite it being only 35 bucks and as all the ports in the front for easy access along with a front panel USB 3 which is rare to find on cases for this price point the construction of the case in general is really sturdy and the side panels don't even Bend on top of that there is plenty of space for cable management we get a bunch of holes in the back as well as if tight areas one thing I didn't like is the size of the zip tight areas I would have liked to see them a bit wider so that I can use velcro straps instead but it's not a big deal what I find interesting about this case is that it gives the users so much space for cable management yet it doesn't have a clear side panel which kind of defeats the point you know if you to go out of the way and cable manager PC make it look good from the inside and you can't even show it off then what the hell is the point instead you get space to mount to 80 millimeter fans if you choose to now I don't buy you guys but I much prefer a clear side panel I mean look how clean the build looks but sadly I won't be able to show this off anyways kicking off the benchmarks we got fire strike first up and it looks like zoltron scored 5700 yes that is the name of the build I know it's Quincy just like most of my other builds but guys I'm running out of names here I can only be creative for such a long time so help me with some PC names down below in the comment section please anyways you guys can see how it performs compared to my other builds on the channel the only PC it beat was Core bytes which was a $450 gaming PC back in November which was using a gtx 1050 but when we look at 4k wintertimes it actually didn't do that bad it beat out silenzio which was a $750 build back in March that was using an i5 7400 and a gtx 1060 although i wouldn't call this a workstation pc it should handle editing just fine as long as you're working with 1080p files but how does it do in gaming before we get into the benchmarks I wanted you guys know that I capture the footage using the AMD we live screen capture which basically impacted the frames of the games anywhere from 5 to 10 frames which is significant so that's PS that you guys are seeing in the top right corner of the gameplay is not accurate so instead pay attention to the FPS count that I listed on the right screen because I had to retest the games while not using the real-life screen capture hope that makes any sense but anyways without wasting a number time these are all done in 1080p let's check them out some pretty healthy numbers coming from this building high settings definitely playable above 30 SPS however if you want to achieve that 60 FPS minimum you're going to have to lower the settings a bit or upgraded GPU a GTX 1060 or rx 580 will give you that extra push but you're going to have to pay closer to $200 to make that jump so the positives and negatives of building this PC also are the positives first up is acoustics it's actually be quiet so it's perfect for a nighttime gameplay so if you're living with your mom or your friend or roommate or whatever and you don't want to wake them up then this is perfect for that also if you're recording on a microphone the families won't get picked up as well so that's also a nice plus also this PC is perfect for less intensive games so we're talking overwatch League of Legends smite heroes of the storm and even csgo so if you guys want to play over 60 FPS and those games then this PC will get the job done and you don't have to upgrade the GPU and finally productivity now although I don't recommend this for heavy 3d modeling or graphic design work like that but if you're editing 1080p video then this PC will definitely get the job done and finally the negatives so this is definitely not a dedicated streaming PC you can definitely use it to screen games but it's not for dedicated hardcore screamers out there especially that are screaming intensive games I recommend a higher core count CPU like 86 core I look at the job done and maybe even a better GPU for that number two I mentioned it before heavy 3d work anything that's CPU intensive definitely what I recommended for that this is not a Productivity PC and number three which is pretty obvious I really have to even mention it but if you want a game in 1440p or 4k then this is definitely not the PC for you are you definitely a stronger processor and of course a much better GPU and a power supply so this is not even the best PC to start with if you want to upgrade later down the line this PC is perfect for those of you who are on a budget now and want to focus on 1080p gaming with upgrades later down the line let's see if you want to get a better processor or a better GPU but still want a game in 1080p then this is definitely for you so that is if it is video if you guys can do my monthly PC bills leaving a like will ensure that I continue to do these every single month be on the lookout for the build guide coming up in a few days if you guys I'm going to focus on a specific budget for the next month build let me know in the comments section as well as what preference you guys want whether it's a screaming PC 4k gaming PC 4k editing rig whatever it is let me know in the comments section I'll check it out but anyways I can't thank you guys enough for your support all of your faces I will see you in the next video
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