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$560,000 for this!? - Overpriced Tech EP3

alright alright alright guys are bringing back over price tag so we better smack the crap out of that like button because episode 4 might be in 2019 if you don't I'm just kidding guys what's up aside from tax sores and welcome to overpriced tech episode 3 if you guys come across any overpriced tech while shopping or looking at an article please feel free to tweet at me or post the link to the comment section down below and you might see it in the next episode alright so the first piece of tech I came across while shopping on Amazon was this beautiful CAD workstation PC it's got the 12 cores 79 20 X 128 gigabytes of RAM a 12 terabyte hard drive and the PNY Quadro p6000 which costs almost five thousand dollars by itself so naturally I put together the exact same parts list and it came out to a little under eighty three hundred dollars this guy is charging an extra thirty six hundred dollars for this overpriced piece of scrap metal and you know what infuriates me the most it's not even about how overpriced this is this guy put in the slowest RAM possible any CAD workstation in what world would you think that 2400 megahertz is enough for a CAD workstation desktop why couldn't you go with at least 32 hundred megahertz I mean it wouldn't have cost that much more you're not even using ECC memory for the love of God and to top it all off guys get this this PC has a 120 millimeter radiator that's cooling the unlocked ex processor oh my god CPU fan Corsair water cooler damn that sounds so good I mean your CPU will be fried after a week of editing why would you go with an X processor with a 120 millimeter fan at a man's computers if you're watching this video please please just subscribe to my channel and watch a few my videos I think it will help you out a ton I sold my balls to buy this totally worth it okay first of all who would spend over 10 grand buying a pair of balls that alone is overpriced guys please just promise me you'll never buy a prebuilt PC off of Amazon unless it's a reputable company like NZXT iBUYPOWER or coarser there's a lot of people who buy the parts and build it on PCs overprice it and then they sell it to you but you guys have no support whatsoever once it gets to you no warranty issue so if it breaks down you're pretty much screwed so stay away from pre-built pcs on Amazon next up is the so bro a coffee table with a built-in refrigerator Bluetooth speakers LED lights and charging ports it's going for fifteen hundred dollars but is it actually worth it I'm not gonna lie at first glance it actually looks like a pretty cool concept having a coffee table that can charge your phones and keep things cool but $1,500 this is such a good example of how lazy people have gone I mean why can't you just walk 20 feet into the kitchen and grab your own damn drinks also if I'm gonna be spending $1,500 why not have wireless charging built-in or at least give us the option to upgrade I mean if you can add touchscreen controls to the damp surface I'm sure wireless charging would have been an easy add even this guy in the comment section agrees by the way have you guys noticed that the actual cable is missing from the table you have to keep in mind that you're gonna have this giant black cable running across your living room and into a power outlet assuming you're not gonna drill a hole in your rug and run it underneath I mean who the hell wants to do that here's an alternative for you guys how about you buy a good-looking piece of furniture which is gonna cost you around one third of the actual price and add in a Bluetooth speaker some LED lights and a power bank not only will you have a giant cable running across your floor but you also save a crap ton of money well it might be expensive but at least it's hideous why what a joke yeah but does it play pong what oh you want pong on a coffee table anyways if you're still watching this video and your eyeballs haven't left your skull then check this one out guys introducing the Aero dream one speaker doc from Jarrod technologies it's made for the iPod iPhone and iPad and it's only gonna cost you a measly five hundred sixty thousand dollars it's 11 foot tall and it's covered in Chrome but don't worry guys if chrome does not match the decor in your mansion you can get it in white or black I mean that's awesome that they give you options to choose from apparently it weighs more than eight hundred seventy pounds and each one is custom-made which takes up to 6 months for delivery and get this guy's it even comes with its matching colored ladder so this is supposed to fill your entire home with sound and honestly with that price it better give me a bomb-ass massage and an orgasm at the same time you can buy two hurricanes or two roadsters hell you even buy a nice home in LA with that price can you please just stop and take a second to realize that this is a duck created only for iPod iPhone and iPad every other tablet and phone is pretty much left out I mean Jesus Christ if it's gonna cost more than half a million why not just build a badass speaker system instead why on earth would you need to walk towards the dock climb the ladder put your smartphone on there which you can't even access once you climb back down just to play music I mean just make any sense oh okay that's why it's so expensive how can I be so stupid you get two free jean-michele jer concert tickets oh my god now makes sense three meters of that's probably the most accurate description I've seen and finally the most overpriced tech on this list has to be razors and I'm not talking about this razor that will be in a different episode I'm talking about these things you have to pay upwards of 20 $30 on a pack plus the price of the handle I don't know why people pay so much for these it just makes no sense I mean at this point I'm sure people have heard of Dollar Shave Club I've been using these guys the past three years now way before they even reached out to sponsor this video I get a perfect shape every single time and I'm just a huge fan of the quality of their products thankfully though I've been avoiding headaches while saving money at the same time the past three years I would always drive to the store hustling trying to find someone to unlock that damn section for the razors and then I would pay ridiculous prices just for like three or four of them I am so over that luckily Dollar Shave Club is now offering starter kits and they said over there shave and shower kit which includes an executive razor with four cartridges and some extras like shave butter body cleanser and a few one wipe Charlies you get all of these on the first month for only $5 and shipping I don't know what they put in their butt wipes but these things smell so good guys like I want to go use the toilet right now just so I can use these Oh Lord anyways just stop overpaying for razors guys and sign up with the Dollar Shave Club you won't regret it the shave and shower kit is an awesome deal and you can get the first month for only $5 with Free Shipping so make sure to visit slash tech source or click on the link below alright I think that's enough overpriced junk for one episode if you guys enjoy the series and want me to continue and you excited about episode 4 let me know by dropping a like and if you didn't like the series please leave it this like with your criticism down below as always if you guys come across any overpriced tech whether you're on ship you're shopping on Amazon or you're reading some articles make sure to drop a link to that in the comment section below so I can check it out and maybe feature it in the next episode then you guys so much watching I love your faces and I will see you in the next video
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