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$5800 Ultimate Gaming PC Build - July

what's up guys is that from Texas and this is galih Dex the $5,800 ultimate gaming and editing PC featuring Intel's new 6950 x10 core processor and two GTX 1080s and sli I wanted to do something a little different than my usual PC builds for each month so I decided to go with a white and green build and add some custom work to spice things up the most important piece for this build to come to life was the case I've been a huge fan of NZXT for a long time and the white s340 case was perfect for the type of build I was going for a super compact size with tons of space inside to fit practically anything I wanted I also loved the cable management areas making my job extremely easy it's hard to believe that you can get a case this gorgeous with amazing durability for such a low cost if you guys want to check out the case for yourself I'll drop a link down below along with the rest of the parts are used for this build for cooling I went with the coarser h100 IV - a i/o cooler and added a few coarser fans with the white rings to match the color scheme I also replaced the stock radiator fans with Corsairs sp1 20s for ram I went with 32 gigs of Coursera's Dominator Platinum's rated with a speed of 20 400 megahertz and for storage I have one 400 gigabyte Intel 750 series PCIe SSD with ridiculous read and write speeds I also have a 4 terabyte hard drive from Western Digital and finally to 512 gigabyte the Samsung 850 pros which are configured and raid 0 connecting all of these parts together is none other than the Asus x99 deluxe 2 motherboard with white accents and RGB lighting powering this entire PC is the courser ax 1200 eye power supply which is a little bit overkill but then again what isn't in this build every aspect of the PC was carefully planned and I made sure to pay attention to all the small details I cut up some white carbon fiber venial and skinned both of the SSDs so that it blends in with the rest of the color scheme the rest of the green areas were painted using engine enamel paint which won't come off during high temperatures it's also resistant to scratches and won't wear off any time the most helpful tip I can give you guys if you're going to paint your PC parts is stay away from Plasti Dip I made the mistake of using that in the past and it was a complete disaster this type of paint is more permanent but the results are a hundred times better there are a lot of parts that were painted like the PCIe SSD the side of the radiator SSD trays and RAM sticks along with the sli bridge and the brackets for the PCIe power supply and CPU coolers so yeah lots and lots of paint was used even with all that the bill just want to be complete without the amazing custom sleeves from the guys at and sourced these are not extensions they're actually full-length power supply cables which is great when it comes to cable as wrap because you don't have all that extra clutter what I love about these aside from the amazing quality is the fact that you can fully customize the colors and choose between a white or black cable comb and connectors which I thought was pretty sweet they also have sleeving for both molex and SATA power which is awesome I've used many custom sleeves before but these are hands-down the best I have seen yet if you guys are looking into getting some custom sleeping for your PC make sure to check these guys out I highly recommend them I'll drop a link to their website down below and finally the last piece to this amazing build are the back plates that I picked up from v1 Tech I'm sure you guys I've heard of them already I've used them plenty of times in my previous build and they do excellent work when it comes to custom parts they may customize leverages fangirls back plates along with other amazing stuff so be sure to check them out as well and I'll drop a link to them down below so let's talk performance not only is this PC extremely quiet it's also a monster when it comes to editing video I overclocked it to 4.3 gigahertz and I managed to render out a 60 second 4k video file in just under a minute and 30 seconds for productivity this thing is a beast for gaming well that's another story let's just say I can play GTA 5 maxed out and 4k resolution and achieve over 100 FPS so yeah this PC is pretty much future proof for a long long time the only thing I'm going to switch up with in the next few weeks is the second GPU placement right now it's not getting enough airflow since the SSD is blocking the fan so I picked up a 2 slot as the light bridge from video which will give me the option of moving a bottom GPU up one more slot this way the card will get plenty of airflow resulting in lower temps so that will do for this video if you guys really like the PC and enjoy these monthly PC bills make sure to leave a like to show your support and I will be doing at our X 480 crossfire build sometime in August so make sure you guys are subscribed if you don't want to miss out it's basically it as always thing guys so much for your support and I will see you in the next video
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