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$600 Gaming PC 2014 - Benchmarks/Gameplay + Giveaway!

what is up you guys adhere from tech source and I am back with part 2 of our $600 budget gaming PC build if you guys haven't seen part one then here is the link to that video where we go through every part that we selected so in this video we will be running benchmarks and playing some intense games to see how well our PC performs we are also going to be giving this PC away to one lucky subscriber so stay tuned for the instructions so let's start off the video with the benchmarks the first being Cinebench with an FPS score of eighty four point ninety two and a cpu score of 419 now keep in mind that this CPU is not overclocked and as I mentioned before in the previous video you can overclock it up to four point one via Hertz if you like although I do strongly recommend you getting an aftermarket cooler if you choose to go that route next up we got Nova bench with an overall score of 1290 with GPU and CPU scores slightly above 500 and to give you guys a better idea of what to compare the scores to a GTX Titan gets an average of 1650 for the graphics test last but not least we had to run 3d mark specifically the firestrike benchmark seeing as that is one of the best benchmarks currently available especially for gaming so we've got a score of 37 39 and for the parts we chose this is actually an impressive score but enough about the benchmarks let's go ahead and check out the gameplay alright first up we got Batman Arkham origins we played it both on max settings and regular settings to give you guys a better idea of the pcs performance so for max settings the CPU and GPU both reached 58 degrees Celsius and for regular settings we have slightly less temperatures with the CPU being at 39 Celsius and the GPU being at 46 moving on to the FPS the game's FPS actually fluctuates depending on what you're doing and we kind of broke it down to give you guys a much better idea here are the differences in FPS on high and regular settings so for normal combat situations using gadgets and warming around we get an average of 48 FPS on max settings compared to 60 FPS on regular moving to intense fighting scenes and cinematic shots we get average of 33 FPS on max settings compared to 60 fps once again for regular so overall the average FPS comes the to 40.5 for mac settings and 60 on regular next game we tested was Metro last light so here are the temperatures for running the game on normal and max settings keep in mind that we tested these one hour apart while the PC was off so we can get accurate readings on normal settings the CPU reached 57 degrees Celsius while I've maxed it only increased by 2 degrees GPU OIS we got readings at 47 degrees on normal and 49 and max settings so really not much of a difference there when it comes to temperatures moving on to frames per second we got a surprisingly low 11 FPS on max settings just from moving around without any action going on which is completely unplayable and switching it back to regular we jumped up to 60fps without any problems for intense situations where there is a lot of shooting and combat the FPS drops to 5 on max settings and on regular it dips down to 26 so the average FPS on Metro last light is 8 on max settings and 43 on regular needless to say he you should probably keep this game on regular settings if you want to enjoy playing it the last game we played was titanfall and we got some pretty impressive numbers on normal settings the CPU was at a steady 54 degrees and it bumped up to 55 when we switched it to max settings GPU is we got a reading of 50 degrees on normal whereas on max settings it jumped up to 53 so once again no major difference is there when it comes to temperatures moving on to frames per second we got a steady 50 FPS on max settings for normal situations for example basic combat running around the map and even wall running but switching the game to regular we capped at a steady 60fps now for intense situations and titanfall battles the game dip down to a cost and 44 FPS on max settings and taking it down a notch to regular settings we get a constant 50 FPS for the same situations which brings the overall FPS for max settings 247 and regular settings 255 so overall this PC does exceptionally well for its price tag although you won't be able to run most games on max settings it will certainly get you 60 FPS on regular or even sometimes low settings for most games so that wraps up this video I want to give another huge shoutout to m/s Tech who helped pitch in and make give away possible if you guys want to enter for a chance to win all you have to do is leave a like and comment on both of our videos I'll go ahead and leave a link to his video in the description down below or you can even click on this annotation now for those of you that are a patron of tech source I will automatically include you in the final list of the giveaways you don't have to do anything else becoming a patron significantly increases your chances of winning and if you are interested to find out more just click on our patreon link right here or in the description page I will announce the winner on May 1st on my Twitter page so make sure you guys are following me there and if you guys have any questions at all either send me a tweet or leave them in a comment section down below this is Ed from Texas and I will see you next time member
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