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600k Subscriber Special | Giveaways + Merchandise

six zero zero zero zero zero that's how many subscribers hit that button since day one that is insane thank you guys so much I swear I feel like I make these videos like every two months every time I had a hundred thousand subscribers the channels growth rate is phenomenal it is out of control I'm still trying to get used to it and it's all possible because of you guys hitting that button and leaving your feedback thank you guys so much for this I sound very redundant there's really nothing new to say other than just thanking you guys so much for your support so as always every time I get a hundred thousand more subscribers I do a special giveaway on the channel but this time it's gonna be a little different I'm gonna be hosting this giveaway on my twitch account and it's gonna be a live giveaway I have a storage room full of a bunch of tech items that I have accumulated over the past year and they're just sitting there kind of collecting dust I don't have time to sell it and I don't want to throw it away so might as well just give it to you guys there's a bunch of stuff there ranging from speakers to headphones earphones gaming gear like keyboards mice monitors and stuff like that and I will be giving away minimum 20 of that stuff to you guys and it's gonna be on the 30th of April 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time so make sure you guys bookmark that I'll write that on your calendar once again that is the 30th of April 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time so whatever time zone you guys are in make sure to write that down there will be some of the stuff in there for international viewers but most of it will be us only just because shipping costs will probably kill me so as I mentioned before this is a live giveaway meaning that I'm actually gonna be asking you guys questions and the first person to answer it will receive that prize and these are questions that only my subscribers would know for example like what's name my dog or what kind of car do I Drive or and what episode of setup or is this happen or that basically some questions like that so will be hard some will be easy just depends on how expensive the product how big the product is so there's definitely chances for everyone to win I also want to officially announce that I've launched my t-shirt store in cooperation with my network BB TV and guys couldn't find the link to that down below in case you guys are interested in buying t-shirts or other apparel I know I've been getting a bunch of questions on what am I gonna be launching t-shirts so there you go it's Kurt it's officially live you guys can check it out these are a little different in terms of design in terms of design these aren't the ones that you've seen before on the channel you know the ones with the tech source actually a little bit these designs are what I'm talking about these are currently still in progress they are not ready yet I'm looking with a different store to launch these but the ones I'm actually launching with BB TV are more professional and a lot cleaner I think but anyways if you guys are interested check it out and before I in this episode I want to ask you guys something would you guys like to see a video dedicated on how to run a successful YouTube channel if so let me know in the comment section down below I've been doing YouTube for almost three years now and I can safely say that I know what works and I know what doesn't work and if you guys don't believe me I'll leave a link to my social blade stats and you can compare that to other channels with over a million subscribers and you guys can see that my growth rate is on par with those channels even though I only have 600,000 subscribers but anyways if you guys are interested in that type of video let me know in the comments section down below but that's basically for this video stay tuned for the giveaway if you guys are interested in t-shirts check out the links below let's aim for that 700,000 subscribers my goal is to hit a million by the end of this year so hopefully by December 31st and I look and I know that kind of seems far-fetched but I think I can do it as long as I keep on this consistency and this dedication thank you guys so much for your continued support I love you and I'll see you in the next video
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