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65" LG OLED TV (E7) - Review

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cross-platform with Android iOS and even Windows Mobile devices so all of the information will always stay in sync passwords are saved for your favorite websites as well as compatible apps best of all you can add an extra layer of security by using a fingerprint scanner on your device with LastPass you don't have to write remember or reset passwords they keep track of it all so you guys can stay sane put your passwords on autopilot with LastPass if you guys want to check it out make sure to click on the link below what's up guys is that some tech stores and we are back again taking a look at another awesome TV but this time we're gonna be looking at LG's new 4k OLED smart TV to e7 I reviewed LG z 6 last year and since then I've been using it as my main TV in my home I found out this year's model is more of a refresh than a complete overhaul and to LG's credit the e7 is a great place to start if you don't already own a really cool-looking super-thin gorgeous OLED TV like this but I'm not really convinced that the 5k upgrade is worth it if you already own the LG e6 is definitely designed to be modern with the OLED film mounted onto glass with a ridiculous thinness of a few millimeter the rear houses all the hardware so it is thicker with its thickest point measuring at two inches you can also mount this on the wall which is a nice plus also on the bottom there is this built-in sound bar with Dolby Atmos built-in for those that didn't know this technology delivers full surround audio experiences when implemented right unfortunately the e7 falls short regarding a reproduction of audio coming from behind you but somehow it manages to recreate sound placement well that's for the audio itself it has good range and keeps its clarity even at higher volumes the speaker looks great on its own I don't have any major complaints but personally I would install a full surround sound system for connections we get for 4k HDR capable HDMI ports through USBs we get antenna connections a LAN port we also get a digital audio port headphone out and an audio line out turning on the TV we were greeted to one of the best if not the best panels we have seen on the channel as of yet quality wise it's similar to last year's ecig so the resolution of 4k which is to say it's great it is a lid so we get 2 blacks that everyone wants as well as improved color with the e7 reaching 99% of the DCI color space compared to last year's 90% it also now gets much brighter with peak levels hitting 1000 it's once again when compared to last year's 652 nits it's a substantial difference even with its improved brightness all the panels are dimmer when compared to that of LCD but of course on an LCD you don't get those true blacks there's also a great uniformity across the panel I haven't noticed any color shift for my time of use and of course being an OLED panel we get great viewing angles with these picture improvements we're finally able to say that HDR is a good home on OLED unfortunately LG removed the 3d capabilities coming from the e6 switch personally I do not care too much about the e7 does get an upgrade in its upscaling technology so when comparing it to the e6 it has more detailed 2 HD pictures as well as it enhances the up scaled images overall Chris penis and clarity in game mode you get a 60 Hertz refresh rate which I found to be fine for first-person shooters and online gaming with that said it's obviously not going to compare to faster refresh rate and response time from gaming monitors LG's OS 3.5 which is new this year is not more polished LG claims that is up to 40% quicker now I don't know how I can rate that number really is but it is definitely snappier it comes to well remote and it's feature-packed it has a pointer and even a microphone to make searching easy there are also pre-programmed buttons that launch apps like Netflix and even a scroll wheel that makes navigation easy your valve design hasn't really changed much from the e6 it brings many improvements to the e6 that make this use model a compelling by the improved business and image processing make this a serious competitor against the top and LCD TVs on the market but that pretty much wraps up my review of LG's new OLED e7 Smart TV if you guys want to check it out I'll drop a link to it down below you guys enjoyed the video make sure to leave a like and if you didn't feel free to dislike honest guys if you haven't seen a TV like this before then you aren't missing out it's definitely worth checking out thank you so much for watching once again my name is Ed from Texas I will see you in the next one
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