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65" LG SUPER UHD TV Review + Giveaway!

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and in this video we're going to be taking a look at LG's new super UHD TV and if you guys are interested in winning one of those make sure to stick around for more info so what you're looking at is LG's 65 inch super UHD TV they have models ranging from 55 inches all the way up to 65 inches with 3d technology variants the super UHD TV also features an IPS 4k quantum display technology which gives off wider viewing angles so no matter where you are sitting in the room you still get the best experience honestly the color reproduction of this TV is ridiculously good and you can't really tell through a camera lens this is a perfect example of you need to see it in person to believe it even though there is a much 4k content out there the TV will still upscale it to 4k meaning the images won't get pixelated with the quantum display you get a much wider palette of over a billion rich colors for a more lifelike picture it also states that the TV features a trumotion 240 Hertz refresh rate which is just a marketing term the TV in fact has a 120 Hertz refresh rate in terms of aesthetics the TV looks beautiful super thin silver bezels with an aluminum curve the base I don't really have a problem with a silver base but I definitely would have preferred black bezels so that it blends in with the screen the TV itself is also extremely thin measuring just under an inch from each side taking a look in the back you can find all the necessary inputs along with 4 holes which are VESA compatible in case you decide to mount it against the wall you also get one USB 3 N 3 HDMI ports and two standard USB ends near the bottom to the left of that you get the usual optical out SBC Ethernet port and of course your antenna or cable on the bottom center of the display you will find a joystick to navigate the menu and a pair of 20 watt speakers which were designed by Harman Kardon and let me tell you guys these sound pretty damn good considering their built-in speakers here's a few audio samples to achieve it there's only one path to peace there extinction try to create a suit of armor around the world but I created something terrible artificial intelligence it's called the option program this is definitely one of the very few TVs that I have tested out that actually have great built-in speakers another thing that LG did write is the remote and operating system I can't tell you how many horrible remotes and operating systems I've been through and I feel like LG has the best OS offered on any TV and I can say that because I've tested Samsung's videos and even Sony's TVs and none of them come close to start off the remote itself is super easy to use LG calls it their magic remote is compact and doesn't have a million buttons on there only the essentials that you need I especially love the scroll wheel and I feel like this is something the other TVs are missing big-time it just makes it that much easier navigating and scrolling through pages the remote also features a built-in sensor that allows you to simply point and click and although it's not something I'm a huge fan of it's definitely a lot better than using the directional buttons to type out words personally I would prefer to have a small keyboard built in the remote maybe on the opposite side so that I can just turn it over and start typing stuff whenever I need to it also has a built-in mic so you can use your voice to search for things which was surprisingly very accurate Game of Thrones I found myself using a voice search more than the actual point-and-click feature the remote does use two double-a batteries which are included but I toss those aside and use my EBL rechargeable batteries instead once they run out of juice in a few months I simply recharge them and slap them back inside I never have to buy new batteries again if you guys are interested in checking these out I'll leave a link below for you I'm also a huge fan of LG's new web OS 3.0 which is the operating system that it's running it's simplified colorful and extremely user friendly so on the main page is where you will find LG's content store you can check out your most recently viewed TV shows or movies for easy access on the top of the screen is where you can find the specific tabs for TV shows movies apps and gaming under the premium tab is where you can find all the apps that come with a TV but a quicker way to access the apps is by pressing the home button on the controller I personally don't have cable since I don't watch TV so the two main apps that I use constantly are Netflix and YouTube and since this is a 4k TV meaning it has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 I can enjoy 4k content straight from YouTube a lot of youtubers myself including film and 4k and I get to watch the content the way it's meant to be watched the TV also features screen sharing on select devices that are compatible meaning you guys can connect your smartphone tablet or laptop and miR the content straight from your device luckily the YouTube app has a built-in mirror or airplay option so that I can connect my iPhone directly to the TV through the YouTube app and play any video I want I love this feature since I can exit the app and still use my phone without interfering with the video before I get into gaming I want to talk about the main feature of these TVs that separate it from the rest of the competition so LG's super UHD TVs come with HDR technology which allows the TV to display more realistic images it has more depth thanks to its brighter brights and improved shadow detail more specifically there are two formats for HDR content Dolby vision and HDR 10 LG's TVs are the only ones available now that actually support both the movies or TV shows that are mastered for Dolby vision or HDR 10 can be enjoyed on LG's TVs which basically lets you watch the movies the way they were meant to be watched here's a good example of what it would look like with and without Dolby vision as you guys can tell the colors come to life as they drag the bar across more and more Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows are being mastered and Dolby vision and being played in cutting-edge cinemas across the world if you guys want the same experience you need Dolby vision or HDR 10 and since LG's new TV has both you won't be missing out last but not least let's talk about gaming so how does LG's new TVs perform while gaming on a ps4 or Xbox one well not that good to be honest even though the TV has a 60 Hertz refresh rate the HDMI outputs less than that meaning there is noticeable input lag it definitely doesn't feel like you're getting a 60 Hertz or fresh rate it's more like 30 to 40 it's a shame because I do like playing on my ps4 occasionally but with the input lag I just can't play well the responsiveness in a key she is greatly impacted but gaming aside I really really like this TV in fact it's already replaced my samsung tv downstairs as the main living room TV but that will do it for the review if you guys enjoyed it make sure to hit that like button to show your support I always want to give you huge things to LG for sending out the TV and sponsoring this video as always all of the opinions expressed in this video are my own hi LG is also kind enough to be given away two of these bad boys and here are the requirements to enter so the first requirement is to follow LG Electronics on Twitter and I'll go to leave a link to their account down below and the second requirement is to post a tweet with the hashtag tswebinars you were chosen they can DM you and ask you for your details to send the TV over the sweepstakes begin April 15th and will end April 30th at 11:59 p.m. and also make sure to follow me on Twitter as well if you guys have any questions and also for any updates that may happen but that's basically a thank you guys so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next video
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