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$650 Gaming PC Build - October

what's up guys it's at back again from Texas and welcome to the budget build for the month of October this is Z on the $650 gaming PC and like all my budget builds on the channel there will be a how to build guide for anyone that wants to buy the parts and build one for themselves if the video is uploaded you can find a link to it along with all the parts featured in this video down below zeon is currently the best possible gaming and productivity PC that anyone can build for only 650 bucks and I got benchmarks to validate that claim so we have an Intel i5 4690k quad core processor and a CM 212 Evo CPU cooler for the motherboard I went with an ace Rugby 85 and micro ATX board a gtx 950 super clock graphics card eight gigabytes of Corsair Vengeance ram with a memory speed of 1600 megahertz and one terabyte of storage from Seagate powering all of these parts is the 500 watt power supply from EVGA and everything is packed neatly inside the popular NZXT source 210 case so we're getting lots of questions on why I went with the 4690k CPU with a locked chipset motherboard instead of going with the 44 60 CPU well as I said before I want this PC to be great at gaming and productivity and the 4690k offers both better single and multi-core performance which is great for editing and other productivity type tasks however if you guys want to go with a strictly gaming PC then yes you can swap out the 4690k with the 4460 you can save like 50 bucks and you can either put that towards a gtx 960 or dare I even say an r9 380 you guys can also save another 30 bucks by not buying the CPU cooler like I did for this build so that's like a total of $80 you can save on this build you can put towards a graphics card but the reason why I went with the 212 Evo is because it's currently one of the best bang for your buck budget CPU coolers that anyone can buy and it's extremely extremely quiet this is how quiet it is while gaming yeah it's practically that silent while gaming that's one of the reasons why I picked this up instead of going with the stock CPU cooler now with always thinking about time that go and check out the temps of the PC before we jump into the gaming benchmarks so an idle we get cpu temps between 27 and 36 degrees Celsius whereas the GPU sticks to a constant 32 degrees now at max load we can see the CPU temps maxing out at 50 degrees whereas GPU gets up to 71 but do keep in mind that these are max low temps during benchmarks and the PC won't reach these temps while gaming for Cinebench r15 Gyan scored one sixteen point five 40 fps and ascend a bench score of 552 for geek bench we have a 36 58 for single core and an 11717 for the multi-core last but not least we have the popular fire strike benchmark and Xeon scored a 58 45 now due to high demand I have listed the benchmark scores of my previous budget build side-by-side so you guys can see so my previous budget builds were as Orion and Orion for the months of May and July and here are the fire strike benchmark scores so starting next month I will add Geekbench scores as well next up we have a rendering test so I use these settings in Sony Vegas Pro 13 and rendered a 4k raw video file that I shot on my GH 4 by the way I will have the video file available for download if anyone wants to compare rendering speeds with their current pcs so Z I render the 60 second 4k file in just under 7 minutes alright so moving on to the best part of the video the gaming benchmarks if there's a game you guys didn't see in a test make sure to let me know by dropping a comments down below and I'll pick it up and benchmark it for my next PC build also the frame counter will be live on the top left of the screen so you guys can check out that without wasting any more time let's start the test you all right so that's a for the benchmarks I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did and want me to continue doing these budget builds every month let me know by leaving a like on the video to show your support I also link my previous budget builds down below so if you guys are bored and want something to watch make sure to click on the link down below and check those videos out I also want to give a huge thanks to for making this video possible so beginning lots of questions on what gear I used to fill my videos or what software I use to edit and even color grade my videos and to be honest I learned them myself online and even till today I'm still learning I learned a lot about editing color grading and even how to use my own DSLR from they have a bunch of amazing tutorial videos that can literally teach you anything so if you guys visit slash tech source you guys can try them out for an entire ten days you get a limited access to training on hundreds of topics whether you want to start a YouTube channel and learn about editing videos or just want to learn about creating music you name it and they have it honestly you guys are nothing to lose it's completely free so I'm going to drop a link to the website down below so you guys can start your free trial but anyways thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video you
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