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$6800 Gaming PC Benchmarks | January Build

customization is important to me as you guys can probably already tell I love building and modding pcs to me it's a form of art I have to have all my bills matching in the most important component that any bills are the cables which a lot of people disregard this is why I went with Kail mod not only do they offer full power supply cables and extensions which you can also customize each one of the cables to your liking simply pick the type of cable you want the power supply that you are using and the model then you have the option of selecting the cables and the sizes that you need and the final page will give you options and selecting the colors and the color pattern the customization is seriously next-level they even have custom sleeved power and Ethernet cables I mean that's pretty crazy so if you're building your next PC or maybe you're stuck with the same stock PSU cables then you guys should definitely check out cable mod I'll drop a link to them down below now then let's take a closer look at titania a 6900 k-8 core processor that's overclocked to 4.3 gigahertz 64 gigs of RAM from a fixer running at 26 66 megahertz and not one but two nvidia gtx titan axes in sli overkill would be an understatement even the motherboard is unnecessary I'm using the asus rampage 5 edition 10 that's packed with all the bells and whistles you would expect from any single motherboard the corsair HX 1000 i is powering this entire build and everything is packed inside the new deep cool Janome rog edition mid tower chassis it comes with it's very own 360 millimetre CPU cooler which happens to be RGB as well in fact you get a remote which lets you change the colors of the front reservoir the water blocks and wedi scripts and even ROG logo near the bottom the front reservoir really doesn't do anything and if lean purpose is for purely aesthetics but the beep cool did leave some extra space near the back for those who want a custom loot solution it can fit up to a 240 millimeter radiator speaking of aesthetics I picked up two custom GPU back plates from v1 txt to spice up the build I'm sure you guys I've heard of them at this point because I use them pretty much in all of my ultimate bills they just do some really amazing work on their back plates so if you guys want to pimp your PC make sure to check them out you one tech or click on the link below so in my build I decided to go with the traditional horizontal orientation for the graphics cards since I was going SLI but for anyone that is going with a single GPU you would be pleased to find out that they offer a vertical orientation as well with the included PCI extension cable as far as storage is concerned you do have space for two hard drives and two SSDs but since this is a temporary monthly PC builds on a channel I decided to go with just two 480 gigabyte SSD from Kingston obviously in raid 0 now this is for my own personal rig I would obviously put in an MDOT 2 and maybe a few hard drives I also love how easy cable management was there was plenty of space between the power supply and hard drive cage to store some access cables in I just feel like people really put some thought into the Janome series when it comes to cable management and finally for connectivity we have two USB 3.0 ports in the front along with the usual audio jacks overall I'm very satisfied with the case in fact I might take apart this build and put together a nice black and red version of this just for me to use as my main PC alright so how the hell does this PC perform well happy to announce that this will run minesweeper over 60fps all jokes aside let's talk overclocking first so I pushed the 16 100k to 4.3 gigahertz at 1.30 5 volts and things got pretty heated idle temps around 34 degrees while on full load they jump to 85 degrees and at first I thought I might have messed up on the thermal paste so why we applied them just to be on the safe side and nope still the same it's a bit on the hot side but the PC is stable after a 12 hour prime95 benchmark so yeah I'm just going to leave it here I also overclock both of my Titan X's and I was surprised I was able to push them this far an extra 200 megahertz on the core clock and 400 megahertz on the memory which gave a nice boost in performance there was also a nice boost and fan noise and temperatures of course the top GPU seeing temps of up to 90 degrees during full load while the bottom GPU is a few degrees cooler editing a video was extremely fast using the same template I use for all my other editing tests titania managed to shred through a 30 second 4k video file in just over 2 minutes tops and just for reference you guys compared to my other bills not even though there are old budget bills it's still better than nothing I suppose as expected the PC blew the fire strike benchmark straight out of water and it pretty much scored in the one percentile of all the PCs I mean seriously what did you expect so with all that jibber-jabber aside let's take a look at the gaming benchmarks not all of these are done in 4k resolution let's take a look so yeah how much else to say I feel like the build speaks for itself it's overkill and it will pretty much dominate any game you throw at it in 4k settings max out I don't really use the word future-proof a lot since there are always new parts coming out but you know what this build will definitely last you at least 5 years I mean unless they start making games in HK resolutions and yeah as always if you guys enjoy my monthly PC bills make sure to leave a huge like as it does up the channel outtakes ton and you guys can check out all the parts links down below thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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