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honestly eyes I've been I just been sitting over the past 10 minutes trying to figure out a way to start this video because these are getting very redundant and I'm running out of things to say pretty much said everything that I can the past like five hundred thousand subscriber milestones and these are happening so frequently that I have nothing new to say everything i say is basically has been said before i let me make any sense anymore but anyways thank you guys so much for your support seven freakin hundred thousand subscribers i'm only 300,000 subscribers away from hitting that million which i'm looking forward to so much i can't wait to get that golden plaque and hang it up there with a silver play button is right now but the growth of the channel is insane honestly just been ridiculous this past few months this past six months i should say it's not really slowing down and i am very thankful i'm very grateful to have amazing subscribers like you guys if you recently joined text sores the past few weeks or even the past month i want to thank you for joining i hope you enjoy my content and my main goal is not to disappoint so thank you guys for joining and also huge thanks to everyone who's been subscribed since day one since i had a thousand subscribers or even like the past few years you guys are MVPs thank you so much so with that said you guys know the drill every time I hit a hundred thousand subscribers more I host a giveaway a special giveaway actually and um honestly I haven't really had time to sit down and think about what I should be giving away so I'm just really I'm just going with the flow right now so I'll probably just do a giveaway on the ice cube pc that I've built for last month this is a six-hundred-dollar gaming PC that's able to run a lot of games over 60 FPS you guys can check out the benchmark video if you want to know what I'm talking about but I'll give away two of those 22 lucky subscribers one for my YouTube audience and 14 my vessel audience and if you guys are a subscriber on vessel that means you have two chances of winning obviously you can participate in a vessel platform and YouTube so that's two chances of waiting I'll drop links to my vessel account or vessel video down below you guys want to participate so this is an international giveaway so no matter where you are on this planet I will ship the pc to you luckily it's a very tiny pc case so i won't be paying much for shipping which is why i'm able to do this internationally so the requirements are very simple all you have to do is drop a comment down below in one sentence telling me how you found texas how did you come across my texas channel on youtube I just let me know in the comment section down below it's kind of like a survey just so I can read the comments and determine what video brought you to text sores so the choir minds are the same for YouTube and vessel like I said if you're a vessel subscriber you guys have two chances of winning and also follow me on Twitter that is the second requirement because that is where I'll be announcing the winner was today today is the eighth so I will be announcing the winner on the twentieth of June so this month on my Twitter accounts so make sure to check on my Twitter account on the 20th or follow me whichever it isn't really matter and that is when the winners will be announced yeah I'll give the winner about 24 hours to respond if not i'll pick another winner and that's basically it i'm gonna have the video thank you guys so much for watching thank you so much for your support i am i am like a loss for words thank you so much for your support I'm like repeating myself as you can tell anyways thank you thank you so much i love you guys as always and i'll see you in the next video
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