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$750 Silent PC Build Benchmarks | March 2017

this is Silencio the $750 silence build that's rockin the i-5 7400 and an EVGA GTX 1060 superclocked speaking of the gtx 1060 superclocked i'll actually be giving this away to two lucky subscribers with a very interesting twist at the end of this video so make sure you guys stick around for that so there's going to be a silence build without using silence parts and who better to supply them then be quite themselves it was the leading brand when it comes to silence I mean it's practically in their brand name be quiet I've used their parts before many builds on a channel and I reached out to see if they can send me a few things for this PC since we have a locked processor I picked up a gigabyte B 250m motherboard since we are not going to be overclocking and also save some money in the processor as well as eight gigs of RAM and the pure rock CPU cooler after all this is a silent build so sticking with the stock heatsink defeats the purpose most people overlook the power supply when choosing parts for a silent build and don't realize that some of the noise comes from the fan the pure power 10 does cost more than the average 500 watt power supply and it's not fully modular but if a silent build is what you're after and this is something worth checking out for storage we're sticking with the usual 1 terabyte hard drive from WD and everything is packed inside the pure bass 600 window case which i think is a bit overkill for this build because of all the extra unused space it's a metal chassis that features a fan controller in the front near the two USB 3.0 ports there's a lot of space in here you can fit up to a dinner 60 millimeter radiator on the top and front of the case and obviously it's sound insulated with dampening materials on the top sides and front unless you pick up a window version like I have in a video where instead of a sound dampening side panel you get a tempered glass panel on stet which looks really cool but even with the glass panel the PC is quiet and here's a quick demonstration of how quiet it really is doing full load and just for fun I'm gonna keep the side panel off so yeah I wasn't kidding when I said this was a silent build I also want to quickly mention that the cable management areas are awesome in this tower I mean I would have loved to see more high areas near the top but I managed to work with what was available for a very clean job there's a lot of cable grommets and cutouts that made the cable management extremely easy and if you ever need more space in here you can always remove the hard drive changes really easily from the back for five stretch marks silenzio scored 97 15 putting it way up there above my previous budget build and pretty close to the next which was using an i5 6500 and a gtx 1066 good byte Gravette card and look at our render times it actually didn't do bad compared to other pcs except titania I mean that's obviously an exception since that had a 69 100k but again I need to emphasize that this isn't an editing PC although you can use it for content creation and gaming it's just not going to be as effective compared to a six or eight core processor so if you constantly use multi-threaded applications then this PC is not for you anyways your other gaming benchmarks done in 1080p so there you have it a beast silent gaming PC that will get you over 60fps and high or max settings in 1080p as always all the parts are linked down below if you want to check it out alright so now it's time for the giveaway so two lucky subscribers will win an EVGA GTX 1060 super clogged the GPU and this is how this giveaway as well as all future giveaways on the channel will happen so for each giveaway there will be at least two winners you and your friend giveaways will be running on nights where you can share with your friends via SMS Facebook and Twitter the more you share the more it increases your chances of winning it's very simple giveaways are a great way to give back to my viewers so I'm excited that you can have your friends join in and win at the same time and by the way this giveaway is for everyone around the world make sure you guys click on the link below in the description section to check out the giveaway and also all my giveaways will be in one place so you can bookmark this link if you like regarding the winners the announcement will be made to be a push notification and winners will be able to claim their prize by verifying their identity and providing a shipping address all inside the app so make sure you guys have push notifications enabled this way I don't have to hunt down winners over email and winners can get their prizes on time but that is it for this video as always you guys enjoy my monthly PC bills leaving a like really helps me out a ton thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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